My Best Life

I read THIS ARTICLE the other day about a girl living her “best life” for a day.  Normally, she doesn’t hit the snooze button, eats the same salad for lunch every day, goes to bed early.  She’s type A, she’s a perfectionist, she’s disciplined.  I, on the other hand, am the first two, but exercise ZERO self control or discipline to speak of.

Her quest to live her “best life” entailed sleeping in, eating cheetos, online shopping….generally, being less responsible than usual.  My “best life” would look more like her regular life.  In my imagination, I would exercise to exhaustion in the morning and still walk the dog and get to work on time.  My house would be clean.  My clothes would be ironed.  I’d eat healthy.  I’m literally laughing out loud as I type all that. shameless shameless us 501 shamelessedit

But, fo serious, I’m going to do it.  For one day.  That day will be Tuesday and it will really start on Monday night.  Here’s how it’s going to go:


  • 9:00PM – (the previous night) – Put out running clothes, make salad for tomorrow and go to bed, so that I get a full 8 hours of sleep.
  • 5:00AM – Wake up – No snoozing!  Now, go for a run AND stretch after AND do physical therapy.  Throw in a couple push ups, while I’m at it.
  • 6:00AM – Shower and get ready.
  • 6:40AM – Walk the dog and get lunch ready for work.
  • 7:00AM – Get the bus and get to work before 8am for the first time in months.
  • 8:00AM – Buy coffee and eat something healthy for breakfast (banana, oatmeal, Luna bar).
  • 12:00PM – Eat the healthy lunch you brought to work with you.
  • 4:30PM – Leave work and get home at a reasonable hour.
  • 5:30PM – Walk dog again, if you beat FH home.
  • 6:00PM – Make dinner and eat.
  • 7:00PM – Laundry and/or cleaning.
  • 8:00PM – Do other work until bedtime (paying bills, calling mom, etc.)

The end.  That is my perfect, most efficient life.  My regular life manages to accommodate a lot of snoozing and a lot of TV watching.  It’s also much more unhealthy.



Five Thing Friday 4/29

  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with the songs “Love Yourself” and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. I also have a completely healthy, rational hatred for Justin Bieber. I feel like my soul is deserting me every time I sing along wholeheartedly to his songs. But I just can’t help myself. To this end, I’ve been listening to AMP radio nonstop at work, and now know a whole host of super annoying songs. Oi vey. I don’t know who I am anymore.
  2. Tracking calories is hard.  It’s even harder when someone else is doing the cooking.  FH cooked 4 nights this week, for which I am totally grateful and everything was delicious.  BUT, he made vietnamese pork belly for 2 nights and then bacon lasagna for 2 nights.  Ummm, yeah, not so great with weight loss goals.  I have to starve myself all day just to be able to eat dinner.
  3. I bought new running shoes!  And I actually like them!  Yay!  Here are my Brooks Ravenna kicks: I got them at DSW for $70.  I had to try them on in stores because the website said I needed a size 8.5 and I know running shoes are supposed to be bigger, but too big and you get blisters from all the moving around.  When I tried them on, the size 8 was perfect, plenty of room to wiggle my toes, but fit the rest of my food comfortably snug.  I’ve run in them once so far and the feel springy and light (only 8.8 oz!), but still really supportive.
  4. Also while I was at DSW, there was an older woman looking for support sneakers.  The salesperson pointed to the entire row of Asics and said, “These are all support shoes, doctor recommended.”  She proceeded to say that the variations between all the different versions were mostly just the different colors.  Ummm…NO.  I know from my own injuries in accidentally buying a Neutral Asics shoe, instead of a Support version, that THEY ARE NOT ALL SUPPORT SHOES.  Fucking idiot.
  5. I forgot to put on my FitBit after a shower last week, and I haven’t put it on since.  My wrist feels totally naked and I remembered that I have a birthmark on my wrist which I haven’t seen in years.  I don’t feel a sense of freedom that I thought I would, not being beholden to the step count, but it also wasn’t influencing my behavior.  If I ran, I made it to 10K steps.  If I didn’t run that day, I was probably under my goal.  Since I already track my running, that’s a pretty good barometer.  It really wasn’t making me walk any more.  I do feel like walking doesn’t “count” anymore, though.


I’ve got another blister. Well, really, the original blister has returned. I’m not quite sure it ever went away.  And here I thought I was on my way to being injury free.

game of thrones movies television 4 sansa stark

After that first stabbing pain in the bottom of my foot, I bought NexCare blister bandaids, which proved amazing. They stay on for 3 days at a time, through running and showers, and the cushion the blister so that it doesn’t hurt [almost] at all. I am sort of considering wearing them all the time just to prevent blisters, but that doesn’t seem wise economically.  So, I’ve been researching the shit out of blisters.

I believe that mine was originally caused by a combination of too-big sneakers (lots of friction from my foot moving around) and old socks (not as moisture wicking anymore…though I’m not sure that actually happens…IDK).  Here are some things I’ve learned about preventing them.

  • Equipment = good fitting shoes and socks!  Specifically, anti-blister socks.  I don’t know if good socks lose their good qualities over time, but I think mine have.  From here on out I’m tossing any that come out of the dryer with that stiff feeling and/or lost elasticity.
    • Other things that I’m probably not doing = double layer of socks increases moisture absorption and reduces friction, orthotic insoles, engo patches which adhere to the spot in your shoe that is causing the blister (but I already got rid of the shoes that I think caused it)
  • Skin = There are tons of things you can do here.  I haven’t tried any, yet, but I plan to.
    • Antiperspirants or astringents applied before the run to make sure the skin is dry and stays dry.
    • Applying lubricant before the run (doesn’t that seem counter-intuitive given the above bullet??) to reduce friction.
    • Taping the whole area, but that sounds very time consuming for a 2 mile run.
    • Hydration.  The better hydrated you are the less your feet will swell.  Yeah that one sounds like a long shot, but it’s good for me anyway.
    • Additionally, moisturizing your skin will help reduce blisters, similar to the lubricant idea.  This one will be easy to implement.
  • Running form = I did read that changes to running form can cause blisters because your skin is used to/strengthened for your current stride.  This one is particularly interesting, since I’ve been doing lunges to improve my form ever since meeting with that running coach.

In the meantime, I’m keeping this baby covered for the next week or so, until I can’t see it anymore at all.


Makeup Monday: Ipsy, April 2016


  1. |★★★☆☆| nth Degree Smoothing Moroccan Argan Oil ($14) – Okay.  I mean, I don’t know what it’s really supposed to do.  Currently all it does is make my hair static-y.  I assume, over time, my hair should feel healthier, so I give it stars for promises.
  2. |★☆☆☆☆| Star Looks Cream Eyeshadow in Rose Gold ($???) – Pretty color, but goes on cakey and clumpy and does not play well with other products.  Also, their website sucks and I couldn’t find anything like this.  Here’s what it looked like by lunch time…all splotchy:
  3. |★★☆☆☆| Tarte Cosmetics LipSurgence Lip Creme in Wonder ($24) – It’s a nice color, but a little bright.  And the formula is drying and not on my lips within a few hours.
  4. |★★★☆☆| Skinn Cosmetics Bright Eyes Enhancing Eyeliner ($18) – This is kinda cool.  You apply to your waterline and it makes your eyes look bigger.  It’s a very made-up, doll type of look, which isn’t my usual style, but I’m glad I get to try it.
  5. |★★★☆☆| Pur~Lisse Beauty Masks ($8) – The actual mask was good – left my skin feeling renewed and refreshed (which, I believe, is what it says on the package).  However, I HATE these sheet masks.  They don’t stay on well or fit your face correctly, and you look like you’re wearing a Hannibal Lector mask.

Overall, the bag is cute, but I already threw out the eyeshadow, I’ll the give lipstick a second try, and will only use the eyeliner sparingly.


I promise I will find a good spot in my house to take pictures if its the last thing I do. haha