Five Thing Friday 4/1

  1. Do adults celebrate April Fool’s Day? When I was a kid, we did.  One year in elementary school, my dad busted into my room yelling that I overslept and the bus was waiting at the stop for me.  I frantically jumped out of bed in complete confusion and I think I started looking for clothes before he burst into laughter.  Another year, when I was in junior high, I painted my dad’s toenails with red polish and a layer of sparkly nail polish while he was sleeping.  We all know how hard it is to get sparkly nail polish off.  But, in my adult years, the closest I’ve come to an April Fool’s Joke was when I started dating one of my friends on April 1st and everyone thought it was a joke.  We’re not together anymore, but it lasted 4+ years, so…no, not a joke. lol
  2. On Monday, I was going to go to the grocery store and buy baby carrots to snack on this week and bananas for breakfast, all in an effort to be healthy. Instead, I bought 50% off Easter candy.  There are so many flavors of the Russell Stover eggs!  I bought Brownie, Truffle, and Coconut Creme.  Yummmm.
  3. I got new glasses!  They’re only for reading at my computer, but I’m super pumped.  I got my first pair of glasses 3 years ago, and opted for smaller, red Ralph Lauren frames because they were ~$30 cheaper than the Ray-Bans.  I regretted that ever since.  While I didn’t really need replacements, I did want to make an appointment to see if my prescription changed (it didn’t…still just +0.50…yup, that’s it) and I really wanted Wayfarers.  They are a little big for my face, but I don’t care I love them so much.  Now, if someone can explain to me why the lenses, which only take 1 hour to make, cost over $300….UGH.


    so hipster in this picture

  4. Do you know the rubbery seal on the seams of fake leather purses?  No?  Here it is, coming off in my hand.  20160331_172714.jpgThis happens to EVERY PURSE I OWN.  This particular purse I bought at Wilson’s Leather outlet for $40 (down from $170 or something ridiculous), so I thought it was going to be a little bit better quality than my $25 Target purses that don’t even pretend to be real.  BUT NO.  IT’S NOT.  It actually started doing this FASTER than the Target purses.  AND the lining is peeling away from the pocket.  A little hard to see, but in the top right and left, and bottom right of this picture:20160331_172731.jpgI think I need to start spending actual money on purses.  UGH.
  5. In other news, this is a very full weekend coming up.  I realized a few weeks ago that I’m an adult, with an income, and I can pay professionals to make me a better person.  Haha.  So, this week, I’m meeting with a running coach to work on my form AND I’m meeting with a therapist to help me deal with stress better.  I think everyone would benefit from therapy, but I’ve never put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.  I’m excited and nervous.  I’ll recap it next week.