Stitchfix #2

Well, this was $20 down the drain.  UGH.  From ugly, old lady sandals that I forgot to take a picture of to hideously patterned pajamas wide leg pants to flesh colored dresses, this whole box was a bust.

  1. Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse ($44) – The only thing I liked, but really don’t need.  It’s a black t-shirt.
  2. Gilli Chandler Printed Wide Leg Pant ($48) – Holy hell, I am not wearing pajamas in public.  Especially ones that are about 6″ too long and with an ugly pattern.  I don’t even want to wear these to bed.20160404_190749.jpg
  3. Brixon Ivy Millie Textured Knit Dress ($68) – Cute dress, but it shows off my belly button (never a good thing) and is literally flesh colored.  Eww.


    you can see the ugly sandals in the bottom right corner!

  4. Pixley Jannie Colorblock Dress ($68) – This was fine.  Boring.  Like a 30-yr-old virgin secretary.  No.20160404_191057.jpg


I’m signed up for quarterly Fixes, so my next one isn’t until July 5.  I’ll give them one more try before I cancel.

If you’re interested in Stitchfix (not sure why you would be after this review, but I know that it does work for some people…and I liked my first one), CLICK HERE —>