Running Coaches and Coach Up

On Sunday I met with a running coach that I found through Coach Up.  Coach Up made it really easy to find somebody with the right background in the right area, and they’re messaging and payment platform is really convenient, so that you don’t have to give out personal information.  They also ‘vet’ all their coaches and give you the option of ordering a background check, if you so choose.  The only problem is that they charge an extra $15 “finder’s fee.”  I didn’t realize that, and probably could have found a coach for free through forums, Runner’s World, etc.

The hour-long coaching session consisted of showing me proper form on lunges (I had no idea I was doing them wrong!) as a warm up, because they mimic proper running form and target your glutes.  Strong glutes + muscle memory = better form.  Her warm up consists of 5 each: forward lunges, backward lunges, and side lunges.

Then we did some sprint warm ups: skips, high knees, and shuffles (IDK what these are actually called, but when you go sideways crossing your foot in front and then behind).  This was the warm up for sprints.  I did 4×400 and it was really fun.  I never even try to run fast, but in such short spurts, it was awesome.

She said my form was actually really good, so that’s reassuring.  I over-stride occasionally, and that will be helped by maintaining proper form on the lunges and ensuring my knee is always directly above my ankle.  High knees are also good corrective action for this and, now that I know that I’m over-striding, I can also look up more drills that will help.

Overall, it was a good experience.  I gained a really helpful warm up with the “Lunge Matrix” and the confidence to sprint sometimes, and actually try to get faster.  I won’t do it again, since it was expensive ($68, including the $15 fee) and I’m not training for anything.  But, if I do decide to do a marathon, I might want a coach.