Cleaning Out My Make Up

KEEPERS! IDK what for, but there’s nothing else like them.

With so many subscription services, I have a lot of items I don’t really use on a daily basis.  Sometimes those are worth keeping for Halloween or theme party-type get-ups (like the hot pink lipstick AND eye shadow to the right), but most of them are just worth throwing away.

Below is a picture of EVERYTHING I’m throwing away.  Yea, it’s a lot.  2 really old (we’re talking 6+ years) drug store lipsticks in frosty pink and dark red (red lips are not a place to try and save money).  2 hot pink lipsticks that are poor quality + a matte gloss that looks like a sunburn.  Sparkles.  Sparkly lip gloss.  Sparkly highlighter and bronzer.  Black liquid eyeliner that I only use because it’s there and I don’t like wasting things, even if I don’t like the things.  The list goes on.

My point is, if you’re only using it because you don’t want the money spent on it to be a waste, it’s already a waste.  Get rid of it.  Only wear things that make you feel beautiful.