Sunday Runday 4/17


  • Run 2x  
    • Total mileage = 5.1 miles
  • Workout 3x 
  • PT 2x 
  • Avg 1450 calories/day X … Ummm, my average this week was around 1800 cal/day.  If I had started Fuck It Days this week, it would only be around 1550.
  • Weight = 136 lbs


  • Monday 4/11 – Booty Burner + PT – I didn’t realize how short this workout was.  I always see multiple rounds and get intimidated, but this was just 2 moves a bunch of times…super easy.
  • Tuesday 4/12 – 6 Week 6 Pack – Goddamn, I forgot how many squats and lunges are in this ab workout.  My ass is killing me.
  • Wednesday 4/13 – 2.75 mile run [10:11 pace] – This was a good solid run with negative splits.  Butttt, I still have thigh pain.  I think it’s a quad strain, so I’ll be taking it slow and steady on my next few runs, and ice and advil will be my new besties.
  • Thursday 4/14 – PT + Post Run Yoga + Fix Imbalances Workout – This was a good, quick yoga sequence; however, be careful.  My foot cramped multiple times, and I thought I pulled something during one of the pigeon poses.
  • Friday 4/15 – Yoga for Flexible Quads – This video is only 13 minutes, so it’s good if you’re short on time.
  • Saturday 4/16 – 2.35 mile run [11:31 pace] – This run was almost entirely uphill, but I kept my steps really small and my pace really slow, and my thigh is no worse for the wear.  Don’t get me wrong, it still hurts, but the same amount it did yesterday.


I’m getting really frustrated with running.  I’ve finally carved out the time to do it and I WANT to do it.  But I have all these niggling pains that aren’t going away, or only going away for a few days at a time.  I’m taking this week off from running and working to incorporate more yoga and more specific strength training: