Matching/Unisex Reception Shoes

For the wedding ceremony, I have beautiful 4″ stilettos.  Ivory and crystal-encrusted t-straps with a bow over the toe strap.  Fucking sexy-as-hell princess shoes.  Also fucking uncomfortable.  I really wanted to get cute custom matching comfy shoes for the reception, but the options are proving less than satisfactory…

Converse would be an obvious choice, as they are unisex shoes that have a wide variety of custom colors and have a place to add the wedding date.  FH hates Converse.  Of course.

FH wants custom Adidas Sambas because we already have matching Sambas.  In theory, that would be super cute.  However, I never wear mine because I don’t find them that comfortable.  Aaaand their custom colors leave a lot to be desired.

Sperry’s would be a good 3rd option, since we both wear boat shoes.  This was actually my first choice because I figured we could just get matching ones in cobalt blue or silver, but then I realized that those colors only come in women’s.  Sperry Topsider does make custom boat shoes, but only the leather version, which I hate and FH is allergic to.

My last ditch effort is Vans, which seems to be a compromise between all of the above.  Canvas shoes like the Sperry boat shoes.  Comfortable.  Lots of color options.  The only weird thing is that neither one of us owns any Vans, so it doesn’t necessarily feel like us.

Oh, and did I mention all of these cost $100+ each?  So, yeah, I might just end up in these flats from Amazon, but a girl can dream.