Sunday Runday 4/24


  • Hamstring Stretch and Straight Leg Lifts EVERY MORNING 
  • Workout 3x 
    • Mileage = 6 miles
  • Yoga 3x X ..twice
  • PT 3x X ..only once
  • Avg 1450 calories/day X
    • I had one fuck it day that didn’t count, and my average of the other 6 days was 1486, so I’m making progress!
  • Weight = 136 lbs


  • Monday 4/18 – PT + Yoga + 6 Exercises for New Runners – I used to love happy baby.  I have no idea what the fuck happened to my quads, but I could barely even reach my feet.  How and when did everything get so tight?
  • Tuesday 4/19 – 17 Arm Exercises – Gotta balance out all this lower half work, right?
  • Wednesday 4/20 – Yoga for Runners w/Lesley Fightmaster – As you can see, I’m trying new yoga videos.  This one had some awesome sequences, but she flowed through them way too fast to get in a good stretch.  And she was super quiet and whispery (which, I know, is most yoga classes, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it).
  • Thursday 4/21 – Lunges + 3.2 mile run [10:32 pace] – I know I said I was taking this week off, but the delivery meal we have tonight is 920 calories, so I had to do something.  Still some pain in my thigh, but not bad.
  • Saturday 4/23 – 2.77 mile run [11 pace] – Running home from my therapist is an efficient use of time.  It’s also ALL up hill.  BUT, I got to try out my new shoes, the Brooks Ravenna.  Thumbs up!


  • Average 1400 calories/day for 6 days
  • Workout/Run 3x
  • Yoga 3x
  • PT 3x