Sunday Runday 5/29 … Tuesday edition


  • Run 3x per week X
    • Total Mileage = 5 miles
  • Avg 1350 calories/day X
    • My 5 day average was 1610, already not looking good.  Then, I took a 3 day vacation from counting calories that coincided with a trip to Portland, ME for a wedding.  It is guaranteed that I am well over my target, what with brewery tours and open bars, not to mention the amazing food.  The wedding was at Grace and it was such a nice venue.  I’ll be back on the wagon this week.  Promise.
  • Weight = 135 lbs


  • Monday 5/23- 1.8 mile run [10:14 pace]
  • Thursday 5/26 – 5K RACE in 27:44!!!! – THAT, my friends, is an 8:53 min/mile average pace.  Holy fucking shit.  I should probably stretch or foam roll or something.


  • Run 3x per week
  • Average 1350 calories/day





Makeup Monday: PLAY! by Sephora – May

Happy Memorial Day!  I pre-scheduled this to post, so I probably haven’t even actually posted my Sunday Runday, yet, but oh well.  I’m in Portland, ME for the weekend for a friend’s wedding.  Which means, right at this very moment, I’m shoving shit into my duffle bag because I woke up five minutes ago hungover as hell and it’s check out time.


I totally forgot to take a picture, so here is from Sephora’s website.

  1. |★★★☆☆| Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask ($36) – Meh, it’s your average deep conditioner.  Nothing bad about it, but nothing spectacular (or worth $36) about it, either.
  2. |★★★★★| Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial ($48) – This was surprisingly awesome.  I’m not sure about the brightening aspect, but upon waking up, my skin felt smooth and fresh.
  3. |★★☆☆☆| Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick ($26) – Same hot pink color as the NYX one I got awhile ago, but did not last nearly as long.
  4. |★★★★☆| Tarte Tarteiest Lip Crayon ($18) – Good lip liner, but slightly darker than my lips, so needs to be paired with some color and not just blended in with chapstick.
  5. |☆☆☆☆☆| Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue ($120) – I smelled it, I hated it, and I got a headache.  Trash.
  6. |★☆☆☆☆| Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimizing Mask Primer ($22) – A “pre-treatment for masking”?!  A mask is already like an extra special thing to spend time on.  I do NOT have time for this shiz.  However, they provided 2 Origins masks to use with it, LOVED their charcoal one, indifferent to the overnight moisturizing one.

Not the best box.  That’s what she said.

Wedding Wednesday update

My last post on wedding shiz was about 2 months ago, at the 6 months until dday countdown.  With just about 4 months to go, it feels like everything is reaching panic mode. I know, I know, 4 months sounds like a long time, but with wedding planning…no. Haha.  But, we’ve made some major strides in accomplishing things.


  • After 4 months of searching on Etsy, I FINALLY ordered my fucking jewelry.  Seriously, there’s WAY too many options and Etsy doesn’t have great search functions.  But, I setting on a cubic zirconia tear drop tennis bracelet, cz and pearl drop earrings, and a pendant necklace that is mostly silver with touches of cz and sapphire, with some tear drop shapes.  I’m not posting pictures, because, well, something’s gotta be a surprise.
  • I also FINALLY called the tailor to schedule my first fitting.  They slotted me in on June 18th, to which I replied, “That close to the wedding??”  He replies, “Uhh, you said the wedding is in October, right?”  “Yeah, but, like, October FIRST….but you’re the expert, let’s keep June 18th.”

BACHELOR & BACHELORETTE PARTIES – On the calendar, mother fuckers!  Me and my ladies are heading to a casino to gamble and dance and look ridiculous.  I bought my dress for this and it’s fucking fantastic!  (Lulu’s is my new fave, btw).  FH is going to the Jersey Shore and staying in something called the Bada Bing house…so there’s that.


The band on my ring was all fucked up.  It was like it was peeling.  We had brought it to a local jeweler to fix because I assumed it was from the sizing, but the local jeweler said, no, it was something wrong with how they caste the ring in the first place.  They suggested that we go back to Natural Sapphire Company to have them re-set the whole thing.

Well, we sent it back to them last week, and they are resetting the whole thing for FREE!  We should have it back in a few weeks, and then we get to go pick our our wedding bands!


Our event coordinator is leaving, so we’re getting a new one, which was making me a little panicky.  I already feel like we don’t have enough space and it won’t be decorated wedding-y enough.  BUT, we met with the new gal last night and she’s awesome.  She actually seems way more organized and detail oriented than the original one, and was super reassuring about everything we thought we wanted.  AND, reconfirmed all the payment and contract details (we didn’t even have a contract…another thing that was freakin me out).  AND we get our choice of linen and napkin colors, so that’s cool.


I get to order the invitations!  Now that we’ve confirmed we’re doing buffet family style, and not plated dinners, I know what to put on the RSVP cards, so I get to order.  And then we get to mail them out at the end of June.  Woohoo! 

Also… Centerpieces, Table Numbers, Place Cards, Decorative Signs, Favors or Late Night Snacks or Gift Bags at the hotel, Honeymoon, Dog Care for Honeymoon, Song Choices (THIS IS THE HARDEST ONE!), Dance lessons, Vows (Yeah, still not as hard as song choices), Wedding License, Nail Appointment


Makeup Monday: Color Correcting

I saw this video on Sephora awhile back:

And it inspired me to buy the green color corrector: Bright Future Color Corrector by Sephora for $14.

Using it is challenging, even with the video.  Probably because I don’t have a liquid concealer or a setting powder, so I’ve just been trying to blend it in with my regular foundation.  And it works.  Sort of? I just don’t know how much it actually reduces redness.  I’ve also been using an ELF yellow concealer under my eyes to offset the blue, which does work amazingly well.



Before picture. No makeup. Chin zits.

My products. Green color corrector for the zits. Yellow concealer (right most) for under my eyes.


After color corrector has been applied.

After picture. After all foundation and makeup has been applied.

After picture. After all foundation and makeup has been applied.