Sunday Runday 5/1


  • Workout or Run 3x X
    • Total mileage = 2.75 miles
  • Yoga 3x X
  • PT 3x 
  • Avg 1400 calories/day X –> 1483…getting closer
  • Weight = 135 lbs


  • Monday 4/25 – PT & Lunge Matrix
  • Tuesday 4/26 – Full Body + Arms Workout & Yoga for Abs -I love those Buzzfeed workouts, but they have too many rounds.  I forget how many I’ve done after 3!  And that 17 minute yoga video…I couldn’t finish each move.  My abs are crying!
  • Wednesday 4/27 – Essential Yoga – Yoga feels good [almost] every time, but I never seem to get any may flexible.  …practicing patience, I guess!
  • Thursday 4/28 – 2.75 mile run [12:00 pace] – This was a struggle and I have no idea why, but seriously, one of my miles was over 13 minutes!  Oh, and my blister has reappeared.  UGH
  • Friday 4/29 – Full Body + Legs Workout & PT – I tried to do this in 2 sets of 20 instead of 5 sets of 8 and ran out of time after the 1st set…
  • Sunday 5/1 – PT


Building my base!  I’ve been looking at marathon training plans and they all start with at least 15 miles/week and at least 8 miles as my long run.  Currently I’m doing 5-10 miles per week with 4 miles as my long run, so I have a long way to go just to build a base.  I want to build that base leisurely, so I have time before I start training to work out blisters, thigh pain, stretching, etc.  I’ve mapped out a plan that starts in May (this week) with 3 runs per week, starting at 2 miles each, and reducing every 4th week.  That gets me to a good base by the wedding in October.  From there, I’ll take a little time off for the honeymoon, but basically maintain that for a few months before I start a training program around this time next year.  Easy peasy, right?

I have 3 additional goals for 3 different reasons and they essentially add up to a full body workout.  I need to push myself to get these in, instead of doing easy/quick/in a pinch type work outs.  First goal is to sculpt arms and back…for the wedding dress.  Second is to sculpt (or at least reduce the chunk around) abs…for the honeymoon and my general happiness.  Third is to strengthen glutes and hips…for the running.

Here’s the starting plan:

  • Run 3x per week
  • Workout 2x per week
    • 6 Week 6 Pack
    • Arms and back workout OR a full body workout
  • 1 hour of Yoga
  • PT 3 times

This plan is aggressive, I know.  But when I only accomplish half of everything I set out to, I have to set my goals high?