Makeup Monday: PLAY! by Sephora – April



  1. |★★★★☆| Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil ($38) – I seriously had no idea what this was.  Instructions just said “Apply all over face and body.”  Luckily the booklet specified, anywhere that needs moisturizing.  It’s a little hard to apply, but absorbs quickly and smells amazing.
  2. |★★★☆☆| Good Genes Treatment ($105) – “An immediate complexion booster!” IDK.  Doesn’t seem to do much, look-wise, but it feels nice.  Over time it’s supposed to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  3. |★★★★★| Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream ($26.50) – A good, light eye cream.  No immediate results.
  4. |★★★★★| NARS Satin Lip Pencil ($26) – I’m really excited to get another one of these, because I’m almost out of my last sample.  It’s a nice, unobtrusive mauve.
  5. |★★★★☆| Sephora Colorful Cheek Ink Gel ($14) – This comes out looking pepto bismal pink, until you put it on your cheeks and it gives you a ‘just-pinched-cheek’ glow.  Wouldn’t Just Pinched Pink make a good name for a color?
  6. |★★★★☆| Derek Lam IO Crosby 2am Kiss Perfume ($95) – Floral and musky…I actually like it.

Based on my ratings, this was the best box.  But, really, it’s highly rated products that I’ll rarely use.  Oh well.  Still better than ipsy, though.


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  1. I’m unpatiently awaiting for Sephora to launch the Play box in Canada…I feel like I’m going to be waiting a while given how slowly they’ve been expanding it in the US. It seems like a pretty good subscription for the price.

    Love Just Pinched Pink for a name of a blush BTW! 🙂

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