My Best Life for a Day

Here it is! The results of living “my best life” for a day.

This actually started on Sunday with prepping Protein Bistro Boxes for lunch every day.

Then, putting out my running clothes and my work clothes the night before AND setting my alarm with NO snooze for 5am on Tuesday morning.

I went to bed by 9:15, which was pretty damn good, but I woke up a bunch and didn’t sleep well, so I was still my normal state of exhaustion when my alarm went off.  BUT!  I got out of bed by 5:10, a solid half hour earlier than usual, and went for a quick run.

After that I updated MyFitnessPal, and a few blog posts, took my vitamins, stretched, showered and got ready.  I got to work by 8:15, so it seems like my try at my ‘best life’ is running about 15 minutes behind.  Close enough!  I did lose some resolve when I was in line for my coffee.  They had blueberry danishes!  They never have blueberry danishes!  AND I’ve never had a blueberry danish.  So I bought a blueberry danish.  Worth it.

I did leave work at a reasonable time, and had cooked dinner in advance, so the evening was a breeze.

Overall, “my best life” wasn’t that different from my daily life, except that there was more preparation: premade lunch and dinner, FH walked the dog in the morning, my outfit was picked out ahead of time.  IF I had taken the time last night to re-prepare for a my-best-life kind of day today, I would have been up an extra hour and exhausted.

The lessons I take from this are:

  1. Wake up when my alarm goes off.
  2. Prep as much as you have time to on Sunday.  Some weeks will be nothing, because I have plans on Sunday, but some weeks, it will mean lunches, dinners, and clothes.
  3. Go to bed on time.  Whatever you need to do can wait until tomorrow, or until next Sunday.

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