Wedding Wednesday – stupid mistakes

Today is devoted to my stupidity. In the fervent need to cross things of my list,* I keep rushing through things and fucking them up. Some of these fuck ups would cost hundreds of dollars to fix, so I deem them not worth it. Others have only cost less than $100, but still, money down the toilet. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

  1. Wedding belt – I bought a really beautiful ivory ribbon belt for around $30 adorned with pearls and crystal…And now I don’t think I’m going to wear a belt. It shortens my torso, taking away from my tall, simple elegance (I’m 5’2″ so that last sentence is funny, I swear).
  2. Veil…maybe – I bought a birdcage veil for super cheap (also around $30), and I think I got what I paid for. I’m still waiting for my hair trial to see if they can make it work.
  3. Bridesmaids bracelets – I bought 6 bracelets ($175) without measuring any wrists and just assumed the default size would work. It barely fit me, but I have big wrists. I ended up exchanging two for a larger size and got those only to find out they’re huge. Since the jewelry is a surprise, I won’t find out how bad it is until the night before.
  4. My own bracelet – see point above. Still have not measured my wrist. Mine is too big, but it was from an Etsy seller in the UK and cost $45, so this one I’m just going to live with.
  5. RSVP cards – I set the RSVP deadline to be Monday, August 30.  Problem is, August 30 is a Tuesday.  Not a huge deal, but I’ve sent out enough screwed up reminders for work to know that I’ll get the question, “So, is it Monday, August 29 or Tuesday, August 30????” to which I’ll want to reply, “Does it fucking matter??? It’s an RSVP!  Just send it now for fucksake!”  So, I spent $30 reordering these.  I’ve been using Vistaprint, which has cheap, decent stuff when you order altogether, but their shipping costs are outrageous, so one-off things end up being super expensive.
  6. Envelopes – We stuffed and sealed all the invitations before I realized I forgot to put stamps on the return envelopes.  Arrgggg.  Then we had to rip open 50 envelopes that we JUST licked, add stamps to the inner envelope, and order new outer ones.  When I went to order new, I measure the envelope and it came out to 4.75″ x 7.5″ – which is  a far cry from the 5×7″ advertised.  So, now I’m worried that new envelopes from another vendor won’t fit because they’re to fit a 5×7″ not a 7.5″.  UGHHH.  I ended up complaining about it and got a refund for the invitations, so at least I recouped my RSVP card fuck up costs.  Now, I just have to take a gamble on the envelopes from another vendor, because Vistaprint has a 100 count minimum, and I only need 50.

*I should really try to do something without a list. Even when I have to clean the house, I wrote out all the steps (I.e. Dust tv, kitchen counters, vacuum living room, etc.). I feel like I can’t breathe when I think of going a week without writing stuff done, but it would be an interesting experiment.


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