Sunday Runday 6/26



  • Run 3x per week
    • Total Mileage = 11.1 miles
  • Yoga 3x 
  • PT 2x 
  • Boot Camp 
  • Avg 1350 calories/day X
    • 1544 calores/day average
  • Weight = 136 lbs 
    • I think I’ve decided to focus on eating healthy and working out, and not focus on the scale.  For the whole month of July.  Ahhh.  And just trust that my healthier habits will create the changes I want to see in my body, and accept that those changes might not change the scale.


  • Monday 6/20 – PT + Boot Camp
  • Tuesday 6/21 – PT + Yoga – I was planning on running today, but I woke up to thunderstorms.  I think I found the 1 type of weather I won’t run in.
  • Wednesday 6/22 – 2.77 mile run [10:51 pace] – …with negative splits!
  • Thursday 6/23 – 2.26 mile run [10:55 pace] + Post Run Yoga + Post Run Cool Down– That cool down video is 7 minutes long, and it’s the best (and quickest) yoga video I’ve done.  It hits all the right spots.  Unfortunately, she only ever posted 2 videos to YouTube – that one and a 4 minute pre-run warm up.
  • Saturday 6/25 – 6 mile run [11:59 pace] … with my little sister! – She’s visiting looking at colleges, and she’s a pole vaulter, so she’s a sprinter.  When I told her we’d be doing 12 minute miles, she looked at me with pity.  Then when I made her do 6 very hilly miles (she only runs on a track), she was not so mad about the slow pace.  hahawp-1467024315382.jpg


  • Run 3x
  • PT 2x
  • Yoga 2x
    • One less yoga, because FH and I have a rock climbing date planned on Friday, so that takes the place of a workout.
  • Average 1350 calories/day
  • Boot camp