Halfway Through 2016

Instead of doing a Fitness Roundup, I’m going to write about the first half the year.  My ONE RESOLUTION this year is to “get in shape.”  Thus far, I do think I’m making progress.  The scale hasn’t moved really at all, but I’m running more, working out more, and eating less.

I stopped wearing my fit bit, and have recently decided to stop weighing myself.  But, in doing less, I’m doing more!  The trend line for my net calories is headed in the right direction.

Calorie Chart


I’ve also been running more, and working out consistently:


I have 3 months until the wedding, so I’m trying to remain consistent and also step up my efforts in certain areas – namely, more targeted workouts.  I plan to complete this 3 week arm challenge 3 times before October 1.After following this 21-day arm plan, not only will your arms look toned — you'll also be stronger.:

I’ll also incorporate these 8 moves to banish back fat once a week.

And do this Wedding Dress Workout once a week.


I am in the process of making a crazy clipboard task list (like those ones when you were kids that you got to put gold stars on) to encourage myself to do things like floss my teeth and drink water.  I’ll save that for a Wedding Wednesday post!