The End of Stitch Fix

UGH. I didn’t even take pictures, I was so annoyed.

As I’ve written before and before, I haven’t been super impressed with Stitch Fix (online personal stylist – pay $20 fee for them to pick out 5 items – buy any of the items and the $20 gets applied to that – don’t like anything, and you’re out $20).

This last box I tried to be very specific with my note to my stylist and was careful to pin things I wanted to my Pinterest board. My note said that I don’t want any more small prints or muted colors. I want bright colors, clean lines. My profile also specifies my preference for shirts that don’t require strapless/weird bras. I said that I wanted a pencil skirt and work and casual tops.

What I got were 3 shirts in small prints. One was pale pink with ivory roses and ivory lace. It literally looked like a grandma’s bedspread. One had a bright floral pattern with busy flowers the size of a pencil eraser. The third was a generic circular print boxy t-shirt with a cut out in the back. UGH. SO MANY SMALL PRINTS IT MADE ME DIZZY.

I did get a super cute striped tank in bright colors and clean, modern lines. Except it had a spaghetti strap halter neckline. UGH.

I kept the 5th item, partially because I liked it, but mostly because I didn’t want to throw $20 Stitch Fix Petite: Christiana Pencil Skirt: away. It’s a navy pencil skirt with a small diamond pattern. That’s fucking right! A FOURTH SMALL PRINT. Did I use the wrong terminology? How hard is it to interpret that? Anyway, the skirts pretty cute, but it cost $78 and it doesn’t even have a zipper. I would NEVER pay $78 for a stretchy pencil skirt. Except that I just did. Oi vey.


The experience was basically flushing money down the toilet. I’m done!