Five Thing Friday

    As I increase my mileage every time I do my “longest run since my half marathon in October” I always get the feeling that I can’t do it.  A case of the “what ifs” if you will.  What if I hurt my foot? Get a blister? Sidelined by hip pain? Pass out from the heat? What if, what if, what if?  What’s crazy is that the fact that I have run 13 miles on 2 separate occasions has no bearing on my confidence in running 6 or 7 or 8 miles as the weeks go on.  Every long run feels new and a little scary.  But I actually really like that feeling.  It motivates me.
  2. Do babies need to hydrate?
    Along with the long run come a lot of random thoughts.  I was running along the Charles River and a dad running while pushing his baby in a stroller passed by me the other way.  I started thinking about how difficult it is to run with Reba (my dog) and how anything over 2 miles and I’d have to carry water and a bowl for her.  Then I wondered if babies need to hydrate.  Like, yeah,they’re just sitting in a stroller the whole time, but that seems like a lot of work for a baby.  They’re not fully formed humans, yet, people.  So, I looked it up.  Turns out, babies do NOT need to hydrate.  In fact, they SHOULD NOT hydrate with anything other than milk.  Who knew?
    I am a complete and total selfie failure.  I had a good cat eye and pink lip going on and tried to take a selfie a bajillion times for a makeup Monday post.  Well, that post is NOT happening because this is what my selfie looked like and my makeup looked horrible in it.  I have 4 bags under each eye!!!  AND I LOOK LIKE A SERIAL KILLER.
    Last year I switched from using Garnier Nutrisse to L’Oreal hair dye and loved it.  I stuck with the L’Oreal Feria until the store didn’t have it the last time I dyed my hair and I bought L’Oreal something else.  It was way too dark.  So this last time I was looking for the same L’Oreal but going to grab a lighter color, and I had already totally forgotten that Feria was the original one I loved, so I ended up with this shiz.  Color is good, but hair dying experience was terrible.  Chemical smell so bad that my eyes watered and the dye was really harsh.  Also, I only dye my hair one more time before the wedding, so I better pick the right L’Oreal Feria….AHH SO MUCH PRESSURE.
    We’re at the midpoint of this month, and I’ve been doing pretty well calorie-wise.  Except for the past 2 days.  Work is really fucking weird right now and I really needed a muffin (my office might be getting restructured into other offices, might be going away altogether, might be staying….it’s been 5 weeks now that we have things on hold, waiting to find out).  Stop & Shop didn’t have the one I wanted in the singles, so I had to buy a 4-pack variety.  I ate 1 red velvet muffin and half of a double chocolate one.  Oops.  Then I ate a donut.  Then I ran a 5K.  Then I went to Miller’s Ale House where I get 2 free beers for the 5K….and a fish sandwich.  Miller’s nutritional menu is abominable.  So, yeah, it was a true fuck it day.  Except that I logged everything I ate instead of ignoring it.  Back on the wagon today!

2 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday

  1. I saw those pictures on my wordpress feed and actually thought how lovely you looked! I hear you on the long run butterflies. My technique is to tell literally everyone I’m going for a long run so I can’t wimp out, and then to just accept that it’s not going to be perfect. One thing I focused on during my last taper was getting used to being uncomfortable and irritated- like when a song came on and I didn’t like it, or my laces were annoying me, or whatever. Sounds weird, but it helped me get used to the idea that not everythings going to go to plan on race day!

  2. Well I think you look cute but have no doubt you were even cuter in person. I can’t do selfies either, but like, I can’t even get my head in the shot. I’ve given up. I rarely feel called anyway. I must be too old (gross).

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