Sunday Runday 7/31


  • Run 3x per week 
    • Total Mileage = 7.7 miles
  • Yoga 2x
  • Workout 2x X
  • PT 2x X
  • Avg 1350 calories/day X
    • 1613 calories/day


  • Monday 7/25 – Shoulder and Upper Body + Hip Opener Yoga – Hip opener was great.  The other one might have been good if I had a 10 foot strap.  Alas, I do not, so I skipped the first half of the video.
  • Tuesday 7/26 – 3 mile run [10:25 pace] – I didn’t have any pace goals for this, but I did incorporate 4 sprints.  Which got me mad sweaty.  I can’t wait until winter.
  • Wednesday 7/27 – Banish Back Fat – I actually did 2 sets of the workout moves and they were pretty good.  I should go for 3 next time.
  • Thursday 7/28 – 2.25 mile run [9:44 pace] – I wasn’t intending to go fast, but it felt good, so I did (that’s what she said!).
  • Saturday 7/30 – 2.3 miles [11:49 pace] + paddle boarding – Paddle boarding was so relaxing and fun!  And I didn’t fall off!  I had trouble finding a good estimate for calories burned (one said 600 per hour, which seemed too high) so I put it in as canoeing, moderate effort.

Yeah I really crapped out at the end of the week.  I gotta do my physical therapy next week.


  • Run 3x
  • PT 2x
  • Workout 2x
  • Yoga 2x
  • Average 1350 calories/day