Sunday Runday 8/7


  • Run 3x per week 
    • Total Mileage = 13.8 miles
  • Yoga 2x X
  • Workout 2x X
  • PT 2x X
  • Avg 1350 calories/day X …. ah but so close!  1373 average calories!


  • Monday 8/1 – PT – Yup, that’s it, but it was long overdue.
  • Tuesday 8/2 – 4.3 miles @ 10:08 pace – WITH negative splits!!  Seriously though, how do I run my race pace when I’m not racing??  I really don’t know how.
  • Wednesday 8/3 – Boot Camp + 1.4 miles @ 9:57 pace – I realized I’ve copped out of boot camp for the past few weeks.  I have legitimately been busy, but it is only a half hour, so I signed up for a 5:30AM one.  I also ran to it…which I will never do again.  I was sweating buckets 10 minutes before anyone else even started glistening.
  • Thursday 8/4 – Recovery Yoga – It felt good to stretch for a full 20 minutes.
  • Friday 8/5 – Pre-Wedding Workout – Nowhere on this does it say if I’m supposed to repeat circuits.  The pivot lunge hurt my knee, so I stopped doing that fairly quickly, but I could definitely repeat Circuit 2 and could push myself to repeat Circuit 3.
  • Saturday 8/6 – 8 miles @ 11:32 pace – I died around mile 6 and walked a lot from there, but the first 6 miles were great!

And another end of the week death.  I was supposed to do PT, Yoga and a workout on Sunday.  What did I do?  Nothing.  This upcoming week is my bachelorette party, so…. everything is reduced.


  • Run 2x
  • PT 2x
  • Workout 1x
  • Yoga 1x
  • Average 1350 calories/day