Wedding Wednesday – Makeup!!

Hi everyone! So, I had my hair and makeup trial. … And, I decided to do my own makeup. I feel really bad because the make up artist didn’t do a bad job, but frankly, she seemed incapable of replicating a cut crease smokey eye. From what I’ve heard from my married friends, their makeup artists were guilty of doing too much on them; while mine was way too subtle. I like a lot of makeup and my face can handle a lot of makeup.  Here are some of the inspiration pictures:

Love a smokey eye and natural lip:  : Grey Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Here is what the make up artist gave me, after prompting her to add a darker crease:

I also wasn’t super jazzed with the airbrush foundation.  Sure, my skin looked flawless.  But, it also looked yellow-er than normal and dewy.  And it came off really easily.  I like matte, ivory foundation with pink undertones.  She was definitely really good at covering up blemishes (which is something I need to work on!), but the overall effect was too heavy foundation with innocent Pollyanna eyes.

This all led to me deciding that I’ll be most comfortable saving my money for buying better makeup and doing it myself that day.  I’m still super nervous about that decision, but I’ve been practicing!

Here are my attempts so far!

A more subtle look

my first attempt at a dramatic cut crease

I want to make an actual list of all the products I’m going to use and where I’ll use them.  Then, that day, I’ll basically just have to follow a diagram.


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