Sunday Runday 8/14


Honestly, this whole week was sort of a ‘fuck it’ week.  My favorite two people at work are leaving, so not only was I eating my feelings, but I also had fancy going away parties to do it.  Wednesday night we had a lovely date night at the Boston Children’s Museum adults-only night.  That involved adult beverages and fast food. Thursday was my 5K race, which sounds healthy, but 2 free beers + cheesy bar food = fuck it.  And then Friday through Sunday was my bachelorette weekend.  I didn’t log calories for Friday through Monday.  Yeah, my bachelorette needed a 2 day recovery.

drunk alcohol bachelorette bachelorette 2015

  • Run 2x per week X
    • Total Mileage = 3.1 miles
  • Yoga X
  • Workout 
  • PT 
  • Avg 1350 calories/day X


  • Monday 8/8 – PT 
  • Tuesday 8/9 – Standing Abs (3 sets) + Back Workout + Foam Roll – I was supposed to run today, but my toe is still bugging me from stubbing it 2 weeks ago and I want to be in the best shape for that race on Thursday.
  • Thursday 8/11 – 5K @ 9:29 pace – Goddamn it was hot.  With the heat index, felt like over 100.  There are 2 more races left in this series, both in September, so hopefully they are cooler and have some PR potential.


Back to the grind…

  • Run 3x
  • PT 2x
  • Workout 3x
  • Yoga 2x
  • Average 1350 calories/day