Five Thing Friday – Nail Polish

My 5 favorite nail polishes right now!


  1. Trust Fund Beauty in No Filter ($15) – “A deep neutral with greyish-purple undertones.” A seriously pretty, serious, sophisticated neutral.  Opaque, easy to apply, minimal wear and tear.
  2. Ciate in Spinning Teacup ($13) – Pale lavender with good coverage and light enough to not notice chips.
  3. Sally Hansen in Greyfitti ($7) – I don’t understand why this is “gel” color, and it’s not exceptionally hearty (ed. I guess I’m supposed to use their Miracle Gel top coat because OF COURSE I am), but the pale, ceramic gray beautiful.  Not too dark to be unprofessional, but just subversive enough to be an edgy neutral.  Yeah, I just described a nail color as subversive…  Tangent – What is greyfitti?  Is it trying to be confetti?  Or Nefertitti? Why doesn’t it have sparkles?
  4. Sinful Colors in Kule as a Kukumber ($4) – Cucumbers are NOT this color green (maybe ones spelled Kukumber are?), but this pale, sea foam green color with a bit of sparkle makes the herculean task of removing sparkle nail polish worth it.
  5. Essie in Skirting the Issue ($9)- The only real fall color of the bunch, this is a smoky merlot.  It is slightly transparent and requires careful application, or else your nail beds look like they’re bleeding.  My own inadequate application is why I stick mostly to lighter colors, but sometimes you just want the badass, sexy red nail.