Gear Review: Triwonder Hydration Vest

I bought this running hydration pack so that I could bring my kindle with me.  Not to run with (duh!) but to read at a coffee shop and then run home.  I also figured that having one would come in handy for marathon training…should I start doing that.  It was one of the cheapest available on Amazon Prime at $40 (which seems like a lot, actually).

What I failed to realize was that I really wanted a running backpack, not a hydration pack.  BUT, when I searched for “running backpack” most of the results were hydration packs and the ones that weren’t looked bulky.  Then I just figured that carrying around extra water isn’t a bad thingExcept it kind of is.  Gives a whole new meaning to water bra having 2 water bottles basically zip tied to your boobs.

As far as fit goes, there are a TON of adjustments you can make.  The front straps move up and down vertically to account for a variety of body shapes.

It carries a lot.  There’s enough space in the backpack part for a kindle, washcloth, bottle of body wash (yes, I stopped at Target to run errands mid-run), and some other small items.  It only has one zipper pocket, though, and that’s on the front left in front of the water bottle.  So, that’s where I keep my phone, keys and credit cards.

No doubt about it, running with a backpack and water boobs takes some getting used to.  It’s heavier, louder (water sploshing around), and hotter (serious back sweat).  But, it’s also useful and fairly inexpensive compared to some name brands.  So, I give it a 3.5 out of 5.