I found a new subscription/membership: Fabletics!  Yeah, I know it’s not new.  Kate Hudson’s been hawking this shit forever and I thought it was super scammy.  Which it is.  My first outfit was only $21, major deal.  But now, if I don’t skip within a certain timeframe each month, my card is charged $49 to be a member, whether I buy something or not.  You also have to CALL them to cancel membership.  I feel like they really have locked in on the preferences of my generation, because I fucking hate calling people.  Aside from all that, I got my first outfit yesterday and it’s amazing.  Here’s the website picture, and it looks so freakin cute on.  Comfortable, cute, sexy workout clothes.  Not usually what I’m looking for to work out in, but perfect for walking tours in Europe (hellloooo honeymoon). –


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