Fuck Map My Run

Last weekend my phone crashed mid-run. Erased all data. A full factory reset. What preceded that event was MapMyRun crapping out on me. I had mapped out a point to point run from my therapist to home. Yet, NONE of my saved routes were showing up. I logged out and logged back in again. Still nothing. I restarted my phone. Still nothing. Finally I gave up and just tracked the run live with no saved route. Then my phone died.

Since then, MapMyRun has worked for 2 runs originating at home. Until today. I had planned to run a completely new 7 mile route home from my therapist.

Getting dressed this morning was tricky. I needed to be warm enough to take the bus to therapy in 50 degree weather, but still able to run 7 miles in 70 degree weather 2 hours later. I opted for shorts and a light long sleeve, so, yeah, I was overdressed by the time I got out of therapy.

I was also really sore from speedwork on Thursday and bootcamp on Friday. My body was looking forward to back-to-back rest days on Sunday and Monday.

Then, MapMyRun was acting up again. Doing the same thing it had done last week. This time I tried one new thing, which was connecting to wifi, thinking that I usually start on wifi because I’m usually home. When that still didn’t work, I just closed it not wanting my phone to crash again. With the added considerations of my being sore and overdressed, I just ran home. It ended up being a slow, painful 3 miles instead of 7, but my phone’s still alive.

Lest this be a pointless story, I think I’m switching to RunKeeper.


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  2. Get Strava! It’s amazing. You can create routes as well so it would help you with that. But also you get killer analytics and you can follow elite runners (which is kinda crushing for the self esteem but motivating too…?!) 😀

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