Sunday Runday 9/25


  • Run 3x 
    • Mileage = 15.6 miles
  • PT 2x 
  • Workout 2x 
  • Yoga 1x
  • Average 1350 calories/day X
    • 1555 calories <– Not so bad, especially given my devil-may-care, my wedding is in 6 fucking days, I’m eating whatever I want attitude.


  • Tuesday 9/20 – Yoga + PT – I slept too late to run (no excuse, I know), so I did some yoga and holy hell (per usual) I should always be doing yoga.
  • Wednesday 9/21 –Yoga + 2.2 miles @ 11:50 pace – Not a huge fan of that yoga video.  It moved too fast and didn’t explain things.  I think I like ones targeted to runners better.  Today was my first run with Runkeeper.  It’ll take a little getting used to, but so far so good.
  • Thursday 9/22 – Yoga + 5K – I’ve never tried to meet a pace goal, besides ‘slow’ or ‘fast’.  This is my last 5K of this race series and, even though I’m feeling more beat up than I have all summer, I want to close it out with a PR.  So, I set RunKeeper to update me every 0.25 miles because I’m terrible at pacing myself.  My PR pace was 8:53 min/mile, so my goal was 8:50 or less.  The only thing that fucked that up was that I started RunKeeper about a minute before we crossed the start line because the announcer kept talking.  Then my first .25 mi was somewhere around a 12 minute pace.  By the time I finished my first mile I got it down to under 8:50, but that means I was running much faster than I should have been.  My splits ended up looking like 7-8-9, buuuuuttt….
    ….I PR’D!!!  26:11!  8:26 minutes/mile — That’s OVER a minute off my time!
  • Friday 9/23 – Toned Arms
  • Sunday 9/25 – 10.26 miles @ 11:19 pace + PT – Hell yeah I did 10 miles!  My hip is all wonky and my feet are killing me, but I did 10 miles.  That pace puts me around a 2:30 half marathon, which is fine, but I’d like to get closer to a 2:15.

    Oh yeah, did I mention?  I signed up for a half!  The Cambridge Half Marathon!  And, lucky me (* sarcasm *), it’s just a few weeks after I get back from my honeymoon.  So that should work out well HAH.  I just can’t believe that I’m now the kind of person who can sign up for a half with only 8 weeks to train, and 3 of those weeks being a vacation.  I think I’m a runner, now? lol



  • Monday – Bootcamp
  • Tuesday – PT + Yoga
  • Wednesday – Run
  • Thursday – Arm Workout