Sunday Runday 10/16

You’ll notice this spans a couple weeks, but doesn’t have much on it…that’s because I got married!  And went on a 2 week honeymoon!!  Which were both way more important than exercising and eating healthy.



  • Monday 9/26 – Banish Back Fat
  • Tuesday 9/27 – Toned Arms+ PT
    17 Free Weight Exercises card
  • Wednesday 9/28 – PT – Still having some tendon pain when I walk in certain shoes, but in heels it’s fine, which works well for the wedding.  Haha.
  • Thursday 9/29 – PT – Ummm holy shit … 2 days to my wedding.  I don’t even know if the rest of this post will get finished.  It’s pretty safe to day I didn’t do any exercise except dancing and…. 😉 for the rest of the week.****10/1 – 3 hours of non-stop dancing!
  • Thursday 10/6 – 2.4 miles @ 13:00 pace – My one run in the Canary Islands. Something is better than nothing!****10/8 – Riding camels!  (okay, totally not exercise)
    ****10/10 – WATER PARK!…that’s like, a lot of walking
  • Friday 10/7 – PT
  • Wednesday 10/12 – 3.7 miles @ 10:49 pace – These numbers are total estimates because the distance button was broken on the one treadmill at our hotel in Brussels (I know, #firstworldproblems).  All I really know is that I ran for 40 minutes, mostly between 9-10 km/hr, with some walk breaks.****10/13 – 2 hour walking tour of Brussels
    ****10/16 – Lots of walking around Bruges
    ****10/16 – Dancing and walkign to 6 different pubs in Amsterdam


…start training for that half marathon in 24 days…