Sunday Runday 12/11

Okay.  Real talk —  this was a shit week.  I barely did PT (which I’m just shooting myself in the foot [almost literally] because I need to do it to run).  I only ran twice.  I skipped kickboxing to back 9 dozen cookies instead (and probably ate 1 dozen’s worth of cookie batter).  IDK what happened.  Holidays?


  • Run 3x X
    • Total Mileage = 7.7
  • PT 5x X
  • Yoga X
  • Kickboxing X


  • Monday 12/5 – PT
  • Tuesday 12/6 – 4.35 miles @ 12:19 pace – It was mad icy out.  That’s what caused 12+ minutes per mile, actively not falling on my face.  We’ve also reached the months where I never see the sun.  It’s just coming up on my drive to work, and has already gone down when I leave.  Thus, I’m running in the dark…
  • Thursday 12/8 – 3.3 miles @ 12:21 pace – Not icy out today, but I’m having shoe issues!  (hell yeah I’m good at excuses)


Get back on track!!!

Running might be challenging this week because it’s snowy and I don’t know if I have time for the work gym, so my running goals are just to go twice.

But my PT goals are going to be every. goddamn. day.  Just like when I couldn’t run, so I had to do PT.


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