Sunday Runday 12/18


  • Run 2x 
    • Total Mileage = 12.6 miles
  • PT 7x X … ah, but so close.  I did PT 6 days this week.


  • Monday 12/12 – PT + 3×10 Squats, Sit Ups, Push Ups, Fire Hydrants and Donkey Kicks – This was all a random array of exercises I did during Monday Night Football and it actually fuckin hurt.
  • Tuesday 12/13 – PT + 3.2 miles @ 11:36 pace
  • Wednesday 12/14 – PT
  • Thursday 12/15 – PT + 4.3 miles @ 12:06 pace – …in the fucking cold.  I look like a hobo.  My cute running gear is just underneath layers of grey sweatpants.  Lots of foot paint today, along the outer bottom edge of my foot, which is my peroneal tendon.  Hooray.
  • Friday 12/16 – nada – had a haircut at 7:30 and did nothing after it….except revel in my super short do!
  • Saturday 12/17 – Kickboxing and PT
  • Sunday 12/18 – 5.1 miles @ 10:42 pace + PT – My calves were so sore from jumproping at kickboxing (seriously, jumproping is horrendous and I hate it), but it actually felt good to warm up the muscles, so this turned out to be a great run.  Doesn’t hurt that it was almost 60 degrees out after a week of temps in the teens.


Physical Therapy exercises every day.

Boxing class.

Run 3 times.

Starting in January, I gotta get up my weekly mileage to at least 20 miles per week.