Sunday Runday 12/25

Merry Christmas it that’s what you celebrate!  If not, enjoy the break and lack of traffic!!


  • Run 3x X
    • Total Mileage =  8.2 miles
  • PT 7x X – just 3 times this week, womp womp
  • Boxing – check!!


  • Monday 12/19 – PT 
  • Tuesday 12/20 – PT + Boxing – UGH I WAS SUPPOSED TO RUN TODAY.  I hate the guilt that comes with not sticking to my plan.  But I woke up at 2:30AM with a stomach ache and didn’t fall back asleep until 4:30AM, so a 5AM run didn’t sound like the best idea.  I did go to boxing, though! Boxing required much more focus and skill than kickboxing, which made it more off a mental workout than physical, but it was fun. I also got gloves for Christmas, so now I won’t have to rent them!
  • Wednesday 12/21 – 2.2 miles @ 10:57 pace – No PT today, dammit.  Didn’t have enough time before work (I have to leave by 7 or else I add an extra 30 minutes of sitting in traffic to my commute) and we went to a show after work (the Slutcracker! AKA the only ballet I’ll probably ever sit through)
  • Thursday 12/22 – PT
  • Friday 12/23 – 6 miles @ 11:38 pace

Yeah, I did nothing the rest of the week. It’s the holidays!


I’m gonna try to be realistic with these. We’re not getting back home til Tuesday, have my friend staying with us for a week and are traveling again for New Year’s. 

-Physical Therapy exercises 5 days

-Run 3 times