Sunday Runday 1/8


I’ve had a lingering sore throat and cough that’s been keeping me up.  Lack of sleep + coughing = less running.  I have no excuse for the lack of PT, though…

  • JANUARY RESOLUTION: Drink 3 bottles of water per day
    • Or at least 64 oz…I had to add this caveat because I bought a new, huge 32 oz. water bottle and 3 of those is a little excessive.
  • Run 3x X
    • Total Mileage =  2.2 miles
  • PT 7x X


  • Monday 1/2 – PT 
  • Tuesday 1/3 – 2.2 mi @ 10:48 – I did not realize that I’d gone well over a week without running..umm, marathon, here I come?  HAH  …and I also failed my PT goal pretty early in the week.  Oops.
  • Saturday 1/7 – PT + Buzzfeed Workout – I did 10 Renegade Rows, 40 Flutter Kicks, 20 Squat Presses, 10 WalkOuts.


I did start mapping out marathon training.  It starts in mid-April with the first long run being 7 or 8 miles, no biggie (<–coming from someone who’s ran 7 miles in 2 full weeks lolololol), so that should be fun.  I’m going to sign up later this month (once I get another paycheck).  Now, onto my goals for next week.  Finally getting back into a pattern.

  • JANUARY RESOLUTION: Drink 3 bottles of water per day
  • Run 3x: Target total = 12 miles
  • PT 7x
  • Kickboxing