Sunday Runday 1/22


  • JANUARY RESOLUTION: Drink 3 bottles of water per day
  • Run 3x  X
    • Total Mileage =  6.5 miles
  • PT 7x X
  • Sign up for a marathon 
    • I signed up for the Beat the Blerch Marathon in Seattle, WA on Sept. 16…ahhhhhhhh….training starts in April, so I should probably figure out how to run more than 7 miles in a week before then.  (yah, ya think??)


  • Monday 1/16 – 2.2 mi @ 11:04 pace + PT – Starting off the week right.  Even in 22 degree weather.  Holy fuck, it was cold.
  • Wednesday 1/18 – PT – Hey, it’s something.
  • Thursday 1/19 – PT + 4.3 mi @ 12:02 – And I have a blister!  Fantastic.  God I need new shoes.
  • Sunday 1/22 – PT


  • JANUARY RESOLUTION: Drink 3 bottles of water per day
  • Run 3x: Target total = 12 miles – yup, 12 miles…again.  Maybe I’ll finally hit the mark this time?
  • PT 5x
    • I’m visiting my friend in NY next weekend, and I know I’m not going to do physical therapy in her apartment.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Runday 1/22

  1. Well done and good luck with yr marathon are you raising money?you must be so so fit,I wish!im trying to learn the basics of yoga and Pilates but specially for back problems as I have a degenerative disc disease in the lower vertebrae hence very physically disabled and really need to loss some weight,any advice would be appriciated thanks x

    Many thanks x


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