Sunday Runday 2/5


  • JANUARY RESOLUTION: Drink 3 bottles of water per day
    • Hey, I made it a whole month drinking a shit ton of water and very few cappucinos.  Did I feel a difference?  Not really tbh.  But there is a sense of accomplishment.  1 Goal down, 11 to GO!
  • FEBRUARY RESOLUTION: No alcohol on weeknights X
    • I way already failed on this one – had a beer Wednesday night and met a friend for drinks on Thursday night.  Part of me feels like the state of the country is too abysmal to not drink everyday.  The other part of me realizes that I sound like an alcoholic.
  • Run 3x  
    • Total Mileage = 12 miles
  • PT 5x X
  • Boxing 


  • Tuesday 1/31 – 2.5 mi @ 12 min/mi
  • Wednesday 2/1 – PT
  • Thursday 2/2 – 3.5 mi @ 11 min/mi + PT – This was cold.
  • Saturday 2/4 – Kickboxing – After not doing this for over a month, holy hell everything hurts.
  • Sunday 2/5 – 6 mi @ 10:57 min/mi – Hell yeah on a good pace.


  • FEBRUARY RESOLUTION: No alcohol on weeknights
    • Try and try again.  This is literally just Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
  • Run 2x – no target total, as time will be tight this week
  • PT 4x
  • Skiing – 5 runs!
    • Last year I chickened out on my ski trip and only went down the mountain twice.  Not only is that a waste of a lift ticket, but it did nothing to counteract all the drinking and bad food.  This year my goal is to do 5 runs.

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