Sunday Runday 2/12


  • FEBRUARY RESOLUTION: No alcohol on weeknights X
    • Well, I achieved 2 of 4 nights on this one!
  • Run 2x X
    • Total Mileage = 2.9 miles
  • PT 4x X
  • Skiing 


  • Tuesday 2/7 – Yoga + PT – This yoga video was a little different from my usual, so I liked the variety.  Though some positions felt dangerous on my knees, like her IT band one.  It wasn’t stretching my IT band at all, but was putting a ton of pressure on my ankles and knees, so I skipped that.
  • Wednesday 2/8 – PT + 2.9 mi @ 12:26 min/mi
  • Friday 2/10 – Random body weight exercises – We were all sitting around the ski house, and my friend and I started planks, push ups, squats, walkouts, etc. since we didn’t go skiing that day.
  • Saturday 2/11 – 4.5 km of cross country skiing


  • FEBRUARY RESOLUTION: No alcohol on weeknights
    • Try and try again.
  • Run 2x – I want to run more, but the weather is very much against me right now.
  • PT 4x