Sunday Runday 2/19

I was sick all week with another head/sinus cold.  Usually I exercise through it, thinking it will help.  This week I decided to rest and try to get as much sleep as possible.  Used the neti pot twice a day (I know, super gross) and took Sudafed and ran the humidifier.  I don’t think I got better any quicker, so I should have just kept running.


  • FEBRUARY RESOLUTION: No alcohol on weeknights X
  • Run 2x X
    • Total Mileage = 0 miles
  • PT 4x X
  • Kickboxing 


  • Thursday 2/16 – PT
  • Saturday 2/18 – Kickboxing


  • FEBRUARY RESOLUTION: No alcohol on weeknights
    • I think I really don’t like this resolution.
  • Run 3x – Total 10 miles
    • Marathon training starts in 2 months and I really need to work on that base.
  • PT 4x

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