Sunday Runday 3/5


  • FEBRUARY RESOLUTION: No alcohol on weeknights X
    • I feel like I didn’t really try on this one.  IDK if my willpower is that poor, the beer in my fridge is that good, or if I never really wanted to do this in the first place.  On the nights I did succeed in not drinking, it was a conscious effort – which means I would have had a drink with dinner if I weren’t trying, so that’s something.
    • 11.5 down, 38.5 to go!
  • Run 3x w/6 mile long run 
    • Total Mileage = 11.5 miles
  • PT 4x X


  • Monday 2/27 – PT
  • Tuesday 2/28 – 10 min Yoga Video – This was just stretchy lunges, nothing revolutionary.
  • Wednesday 3/1 – 3 mi @ 11:45 min/mi + PT – I actually went to the gym before work, showered and got ready there.  This was a very strange day for me – getting up and leaving the house unshowered at 5:15am, carrying my clothes, jewelry, towel, makeup, etc.  Frankly, I’m a little out of it.
  • Thursday 3/2 -2.5 mi @ 11:36 min/mi – 2 days in a row at the gym by 6am! …. I need a nap.
  • Sunday 3/5 – 6 mi @11:13 min/mi + PT – This run felt surprisingly good.  I’m having some knee pain below my kneecap, but it doesn’t hurt when running. So, my plan is to do some extra leg lifts and stretching this week.


  • MARCH RESOLUTIONS: Run 50 miles in the month
  • Run 3x  with a 7 mile long run
  • PT 4x