Running App Comparison

I’ve gone back and forth between MapMyRun and Runkeeper.  I was a MapMyRun loyalist until my phone pulled a full factory reset on two different long runs.  The only thing I could think was that it might have been caused by MapMyRun?  So, I started using Runkeeper.  I did try Strava for a hot second, but I HATED the route mapping.  Now, I’m back to MMR because a couple of my friends are on it and they live near me, so I can piggyback on their routes.  And I still don’t have a favorite…

  • Audio:    MapMyRun    RunKeeper   This is a tie.  MapMyRun has better volume control while running (it doesn’t accidentally turn up and down), but RunKeeper’s audio cues are better heard because it turns down other apps (podcast, music) to give updates.
  • Route Finder:    MapMyRun    RunKeeper  MMR FTW.  You can search by location and distance, viewing user created routes from people all around your neighborhood.  Possibly a little creepy?  Yeah.  But super useful, especially in new areas.
  • Route Creation:    MapMyRun    RunKeeper  These are mostly the same.  They both snap to roads and are best (or only) used on a computer.  I favor MapMyRun here because I like their Start, Stop, Out and Back, and Return to Home options.
  • Goals:    MapMyRun    RunKeeper  Runkeeper wins BY FAR.  They have a bunch of challenges all the time and you can set all types of goals.  My current goal, 50 miles in the month, cannot be set in MMR – they only have a single run distance goal (i.e. run a 20 mile long run by the end of March).
  • Friends:    MapMyRun    RunKeeper  I don’t know anyone else who uses RunKeeper, so this is a little hard to judge.  For that very reason, though, I give the win to MMR.
  • User Interface:    MapMyRun    RunKeeper  RunKeeper doesn’t stay zoomed in on your route.  So, if I map a new route, I often need to check it during the run to see where I need to make a turn.  Sometimes that’s hard to do, because the street names don’t appear until I zoom in really close.  However, RunKeeper automatically zooms out too quickly and won’t stay in on the street name that I’m trying to read.

Ok, so clearly Map My Run is winning this race.  I’ll continue using it…until it crashes my phone. again.