Sunday Runday 3/12


  • Run 3x  with a 7 mile long run ✓/X
  • PT 4x X
    • 17 down, 33 to go!


  • Monday 3/6 – 1 mi @ 14 min/mi + Stretching, Lunges, Arms, Glutes – Not a big running day, but I did dedicate a solid 20 minutes to other stuff.  Felt good to stretch and work out some muscles.
  • Wednesday 3/8 – 1.5 mi @ 16:44 min/mi + Yoga – This was a run with the dog, hence the pace.  That yoga video is 60 minutes focused on hips.  It hurt and felt good at the same time.  It also felt like an eternity…but it was worth it.
  • Thursday 3/9 – 3 mi @ 11:48 min/mi – I should proooooobably do some physical therapy at some point this week…
  • Saturday 3/11 – PT + Arm Workout – I was supposed to run 7 miles this morning, but the wind chill was at -16 degrees, so no.  I finally did PT!
  • Sunday 3/12 – PT + Full Body and Core Workout     – Sooo, I was going to run today, but last night when I walked the dog, I almost fell because the sidewalks are still icy and the temperature was still not going above 20ish.  I hate that feeling of defeat when I don’t stick to my running plan.  I’m going to start marathon training soon, and I need to stick to the plan.  So that I’m fucking ready for the marathon.  Or at least confident that I can finish in 7 hours before they close the course.  I just feel like I’m screwing myself for future runs.  But I’m going to try to go with the flow and do what I can.  But, hey, I did PT again!


  • MARCH RESOLUTIONS: Run 50 miles in the month
  • Run 3x  with a 7 mile long run
  • PT 4x