Sunday Runday 4/9


A very light week of running for me and almost NO physical therapy.  My ankles/tendons are getting sore on short runs and marathon training starts in 2 weeks.  I need to buckle down on PT and stretching this week and get in some miles.

  • Run 3x X
    • 5.1 miles total
  • PT 4x X
  • APRIL RESOLUTION: Go to bed by 9:30pm on weeknights X
    • 2 out of 5
    • I was traveling Monday through Thursday night.  With work dinners starting at 6pm each night, it was virtually impossible to go to bed by 9:30, unless I was going to be an antisocial hermit.


  • Monday 4/3 – YogaThis was one of the best ‘yoga for runners’ videos I’ve done.  It’s short (25 minutes), but stretches enough to make a difference and moves quickly enough to not get bored.  I did this in my hotel room after a day on a train and it was much needed.  Plus I was really proud of myself for doing something.
  • Tuesday 4/4 – 2 mi @ 12:30 min/mi
  • Wednesday 4/5 – 3.1 mi @ 12:32 min/mi – Treadmills are boring and slow and I hate them.
  • Saturday 4/8 – PT


  • APRIL RESOLUTIONS: Go to bed by 9:30PM every night
  • Run 3x with a long run of 8 miles
  • PT 4x