I don’t know what I’m about; I’m about a little bit of everything.

I just turned 28 and I felt like I would accomplish much more by this age.  In fact, I’ve felt that way at every birthday since 25.

I probably shouldn’t write this here because I will forget to update it, as I inevitably forget about blogging for a few years at a time.

I work as a Project Coordinator at a hospital and I’m a student pursuing my Masters in Operations Research.

I run, I bake, I exercise, I read, I shop, I play fantasy football very badly, and every once in awhile, I try to have deep thoughts.



9 thoughts on “About

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  2. Haha!
    When I was “little” I always thought that by 25 I will have it all figured out, have a husband and three little children.

    Now I’m 31 (well, almost 32) I have none of the above… but I’m LOOOVING my life!

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