Five Thing Friday – Nail Polish

My 5 favorite nail polishes right now!


  1. Trust Fund Beauty in No Filter ($15) – “A deep neutral with greyish-purple undertones.” A seriously pretty, serious, sophisticated neutral.  Opaque, easy to apply, minimal wear and tear.
  2. Ciate in Spinning Teacup ($13) – Pale lavender with good coverage and light enough to not notice chips.
  3. Sally Hansen in Greyfitti ($7) – I don’t understand why this is “gel” color, and it’s not exceptionally hearty (ed. I guess I’m supposed to use their Miracle Gel top coat because OF COURSE I am), but the pale, ceramic gray beautiful.  Not too dark to be unprofessional, but just subversive enough to be an edgy neutral.  Yeah, I just described a nail color as subversive…  Tangent – What is greyfitti?  Is it trying to be confetti?  Or Nefertitti? Why doesn’t it have sparkles?
  4. Sinful Colors in Kule as a Kukumber ($4) – Cucumbers are NOT this color green (maybe ones spelled Kukumber are?), but this pale, sea foam green color with a bit of sparkle makes the herculean task of removing sparkle nail polish worth it.
  5. Essie in Skirting the Issue ($9)- The only real fall color of the bunch, this is a smoky merlot.  It is slightly transparent and requires careful application, or else your nail beds look like they’re bleeding.  My own inadequate application is why I stick mostly to lighter colors, but sometimes you just want the badass, sexy red nail.

Five Thing Friday

    As I increase my mileage every time I do my “longest run since my half marathon in October” I always get the feeling that I can’t do it.  A case of the “what ifs” if you will.  What if I hurt my foot? Get a blister? Sidelined by hip pain? Pass out from the heat? What if, what if, what if?  What’s crazy is that the fact that I have run 13 miles on 2 separate occasions has no bearing on my confidence in running 6 or 7 or 8 miles as the weeks go on.  Every long run feels new and a little scary.  But I actually really like that feeling.  It motivates me.
  2. Do babies need to hydrate?
    Along with the long run come a lot of random thoughts.  I was running along the Charles River and a dad running while pushing his baby in a stroller passed by me the other way.  I started thinking about how difficult it is to run with Reba (my dog) and how anything over 2 miles and I’d have to carry water and a bowl for her.  Then I wondered if babies need to hydrate.  Like, yeah,they’re just sitting in a stroller the whole time, but that seems like a lot of work for a baby.  They’re not fully formed humans, yet, people.  So, I looked it up.  Turns out, babies do NOT need to hydrate.  In fact, they SHOULD NOT hydrate with anything other than milk.  Who knew?
    I am a complete and total selfie failure.  I had a good cat eye and pink lip going on and tried to take a selfie a bajillion times for a makeup Monday post.  Well, that post is NOT happening because this is what my selfie looked like and my makeup looked horrible in it.  I have 4 bags under each eye!!!  AND I LOOK LIKE A SERIAL KILLER.
    Last year I switched from using Garnier Nutrisse to L’Oreal hair dye and loved it.  I stuck with the L’Oreal Feria until the store didn’t have it the last time I dyed my hair and I bought L’Oreal something else.  It was way too dark.  So this last time I was looking for the same L’Oreal but going to grab a lighter color, and I had already totally forgotten that Feria was the original one I loved, so I ended up with this shiz.  Color is good, but hair dying experience was terrible.  Chemical smell so bad that my eyes watered and the dye was really harsh.  Also, I only dye my hair one more time before the wedding, so I better pick the right L’Oreal Feria….AHH SO MUCH PRESSURE.
    We’re at the midpoint of this month, and I’ve been doing pretty well calorie-wise.  Except for the past 2 days.  Work is really fucking weird right now and I really needed a muffin (my office might be getting restructured into other offices, might be going away altogether, might be staying….it’s been 5 weeks now that we have things on hold, waiting to find out).  Stop & Shop didn’t have the one I wanted in the singles, so I had to buy a 4-pack variety.  I ate 1 red velvet muffin and half of a double chocolate one.  Oops.  Then I ate a donut.  Then I ran a 5K.  Then I went to Miller’s Ale House where I get 2 free beers for the 5K….and a fish sandwich.  Miller’s nutritional menu is abominable.  So, yeah, it was a true fuck it day.  Except that I logged everything I ate instead of ignoring it.  Back on the wagon today!

Five Thing Friday 4/29

  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with the songs “Love Yourself” and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. I also have a completely healthy, rational hatred for Justin Bieber. I feel like my soul is deserting me every time I sing along wholeheartedly to his songs. But I just can’t help myself. To this end, I’ve been listening to AMP radio nonstop at work, and now know a whole host of super annoying songs. Oi vey. I don’t know who I am anymore.
  2. Tracking calories is hard.  It’s even harder when someone else is doing the cooking.  FH cooked 4 nights this week, for which I am totally grateful and everything was delicious.  BUT, he made vietnamese pork belly for 2 nights and then bacon lasagna for 2 nights.  Ummm, yeah, not so great with weight loss goals.  I have to starve myself all day just to be able to eat dinner.
  3. I bought new running shoes!  And I actually like them!  Yay!  Here are my Brooks Ravenna kicks: I got them at DSW for $70.  I had to try them on in stores because the website said I needed a size 8.5 and I know running shoes are supposed to be bigger, but too big and you get blisters from all the moving around.  When I tried them on, the size 8 was perfect, plenty of room to wiggle my toes, but fit the rest of my food comfortably snug.  I’ve run in them once so far and the feel springy and light (only 8.8 oz!), but still really supportive.
  4. Also while I was at DSW, there was an older woman looking for support sneakers.  The salesperson pointed to the entire row of Asics and said, “These are all support shoes, doctor recommended.”  She proceeded to say that the variations between all the different versions were mostly just the different colors.  Ummm…NO.  I know from my own injuries in accidentally buying a Neutral Asics shoe, instead of a Support version, that THEY ARE NOT ALL SUPPORT SHOES.  Fucking idiot.
  5. I forgot to put on my FitBit after a shower last week, and I haven’t put it on since.  My wrist feels totally naked and I remembered that I have a birthmark on my wrist which I haven’t seen in years.  I don’t feel a sense of freedom that I thought I would, not being beholden to the step count, but it also wasn’t influencing my behavior.  If I ran, I made it to 10K steps.  If I didn’t run that day, I was probably under my goal.  Since I already track my running, that’s a pretty good barometer.  It really wasn’t making me walk any more.  I do feel like walking doesn’t “count” anymore, though.

Five Thing Friday 4/15/16

  1. In the endless sea of meal delivery services, we tried Just Add Cooking recently.  It’s local to Boston and first timers get 3 meals for $39, which is definitely cheaper than what I spend at the grocery store.  If you live in the area and are interested, my referral code is REFPVZE.  The coolest thing about them, IMO, is that they deliver on Sunday (whereas Blue Apron is Wednesday).  I think it’s because it’s so local.  Literally, a guy in a pick up truck with 2 dogs dropped off our first box.  We ate oriental salmon, bangers and mash, and chile con carne.  It was easier to cook than Blue Apron, but also very plain (example: the sides for the salmon were white rice and cut up cucumber…that’s it).  Everything’s fresh and local, though, so that’s a plus.  I still think I’m partial to Blue Apron because the recipes are unique and not something I’d ever try on my own.  I’m going to try Marley Spoon next week, though!  (seriously, they never end!)
  2. Not spending money is not going smoothly.  I need to get Sephora to stop sending me emails, and I should cancel my Rue La La membership, etc.  I also spent a ton of money on Mother’s Day presents and I haven’t even bought my mom something, yet…just my stepmom, grandmother, aunt, and mother-in-law.
  3. I’ve been having a lot of little injuries, aches and pains and I know I need to find new running shoes.  Partially because my good ones (Mizuno Wave Inspire 10) have been in use for over a year and have run 2 half’s; and because the second pair of “good ones” I bought are the newer version (11) and they do NOT fit the same.  My Brooks gave me a blister and I put them in the donate pile.  My Asics hurt my arches when I’m walking, so I put them in the donate pile.  Thus, I saw a new Asics support shoe for sale on Rue La La for $70, these Gel Noosa Tri 10’s (yes, they’re for a triathlon, but whatever):  BUT, despite that fact that I’m a size 8 in all my running shoes, including other Asics, these were WAY too small.  Why the fuck aren’t sizes consistent across one brand?  I know I’m asking too much for them to be consistent across all shoes, but one brand??? UGH.
  4. I had my 2nd therapy appointment.  I don’t know if this one was as helpful as the first.  It definitely didn’t flow as much because now I’m pushed to talk about current things.  We even talked about how I’m uncomfortable with silences.  Haha.  I guess I’m trying to figure out why I’m there and articulate that.  There’s a million things I want to improve on in my life, but none of them are directly tied to a therapist…more like a running coach, physical therapist, career coach, etc.  So, I’m not sure where to start or what to talk about.
  5. I started “sandbagging” which, despite sounding like a weird sex act (and probably still is if you go to urban dictionary), is a make-up trick used my Kim Kardashian’s make up artist.  Say what you want about the Kardashians, but their make up is on point.  I’ve been using some cheap, translucent powder that came in an ipsy bag and it’s working so well.  I’ve even been putting mascara on my bottom lashes, which I haven’t done in years!  Here’s a picture at the end of the day, with no rubbing or fixing at all during the day:wp-1460407376452.jpg