Random Oatmeal Opinion

I bought new oatmeal: thinkThin Protein and Fiber Hot Oatmeal.Image result for thinkThin Protein and Fiber Hot Oatmeal  Basically I love oatmeal that comes in it’s own cup…much more glamorous than microwaving a dixie cup at work. This looks like it’s going to be SO good – it even has the black specks of vanilla bean that might even be real and not just generic black specks to trick you into believing it tastes more vanilla-y. It starts off smelling SO good too, and even tasting SO good…at the beginning. The after taste is what I’m here to write about. Almost sour. Chalky. Gritty. Would not subject myself to, again. I just wanted to save you all the the trouble.



I found a new subscription/membership: Fabletics!  Yeah, I know it’s not new.  Kate Hudson’s been hawking this shit forever and I thought it was super scammy.  Which it is.  My first outfit was only $21, major deal.  But now, if I don’t skip within a certain timeframe each month, my card is charged $49 to be a member, whether I buy something or not.  You also have to CALL them to cancel membership.  I feel like they really have locked in on the preferences of my generation, because I fucking hate calling people.  Aside from all that, I got my first outfit yesterday and it’s amazing.  Here’s the website picture, and it looks so freakin cute on.  Comfortable, cute, sexy workout clothes.  Not usually what I’m looking for to work out in, but perfect for walking tours in Europe (hellloooo honeymoon). –

Gear Review: Triwonder Hydration Vest

I bought this running hydration pack so that I could bring my kindle with me.  Not to run with (duh!) but to read at a coffee shop and then run home.  I also figured that having one would come in handy for marathon training…should I start doing that.  It was one of the cheapest available on Amazon Prime at $40 (which seems like a lot, actually).

What I failed to realize was that I really wanted a running backpack, not a hydration pack.  BUT, when I searched for “running backpack” most of the results were hydration packs and the ones that weren’t looked bulky.  Then I just figured that carrying around extra water isn’t a bad thingExcept it kind of is.  Gives a whole new meaning to water bra having 2 water bottles basically zip tied to your boobs.

As far as fit goes, there are a TON of adjustments you can make.  The front straps move up and down vertically to account for a variety of body shapes.

It carries a lot.  There’s enough space in the backpack part for a kindle, washcloth, bottle of body wash (yes, I stopped at Target to run errands mid-run), and some other small items.  It only has one zipper pocket, though, and that’s on the front left in front of the water bottle.  So, that’s where I keep my phone, keys and credit cards.

No doubt about it, running with a backpack and water boobs takes some getting used to.  It’s heavier, louder (water sploshing around), and hotter (serious back sweat).  But, it’s also useful and fairly inexpensive compared to some name brands.  So, I give it a 3.5 out of 5.


Five Thing Friday 4/15/16

  1. In the endless sea of meal delivery services, we tried Just Add Cooking recently.  It’s local to Boston and first timers get 3 meals for $39, which is definitely cheaper than what I spend at the grocery store.  If you live in the area and are interested, my referral code is REFPVZE.  The coolest thing about them, IMO, is that they deliver on Sunday (whereas Blue Apron is Wednesday).  I think it’s because it’s so local.  Literally, a guy in a pick up truck with 2 dogs dropped off our first box.  We ate oriental salmon, bangers and mash, and chile con carne.  It was easier to cook than Blue Apron, but also very plain (example: the sides for the salmon were white rice and cut up cucumber…that’s it).  Everything’s fresh and local, though, so that’s a plus.  I still think I’m partial to Blue Apron because the recipes are unique and not something I’d ever try on my own.  I’m going to try Marley Spoon next week, though!  (seriously, they never end!)
  2. Not spending money is not going smoothly.  I need to get Sephora to stop sending me emails, and I should cancel my Rue La La membership, etc.  I also spent a ton of money on Mother’s Day presents and I haven’t even bought my mom something, yet…just my stepmom, grandmother, aunt, and mother-in-law.
  3. I’ve been having a lot of little injuries, aches and pains and I know I need to find new running shoes.  Partially because my good ones (Mizuno Wave Inspire 10) have been in use for over a year and have run 2 half’s; and because the second pair of “good ones” I bought are the newer version (11) and they do NOT fit the same.  My Brooks gave me a blister and I put them in the donate pile.  My Asics hurt my arches when I’m walking, so I put them in the donate pile.  Thus, I saw a new Asics support shoe for sale on Rue La La for $70, these Gel Noosa Tri 10’s (yes, they’re for a triathlon, but whatever):  BUT, despite that fact that I’m a size 8 in all my running shoes, including other Asics, these were WAY too small.  Why the fuck aren’t sizes consistent across one brand?  I know I’m asking too much for them to be consistent across all shoes, but one brand??? UGH.
  4. I had my 2nd therapy appointment.  I don’t know if this one was as helpful as the first.  It definitely didn’t flow as much because now I’m pushed to talk about current things.  We even talked about how I’m uncomfortable with silences.  Haha.  I guess I’m trying to figure out why I’m there and articulate that.  There’s a million things I want to improve on in my life, but none of them are directly tied to a therapist…more like a running coach, physical therapist, career coach, etc.  So, I’m not sure where to start or what to talk about.
  5. I started “sandbagging” which, despite sounding like a weird sex act (and probably still is if you go to urban dictionary), is a make-up trick used my Kim Kardashian’s make up artist.  Say what you want about the Kardashians, but their make up is on point.  I’ve been using some cheap, translucent powder that came in an ipsy bag and it’s working so well.  I’ve even been putting mascara on my bottom lashes, which I haven’t done in years!  Here’s a picture at the end of the day, with no rubbing or fixing at all during the day:wp-1460407376452.jpg