Last Day

Hey everyone! It’s been forever since I wrote an actual post.  One thing that I haven’t shared, for obvious reasons, is that I have been looking for a new job for about a year and a half.  It has been a real struggle with the mismatch between my 6+ years of experience and what I want to do.

Generally, I’ve been pretty good at things my whole life. I’ve been a mostly straight-A student and a star employee. This constant struggle of not being good enough, not being recognized for my accomplishments, constant rejection really was getting to me. I’m 30 years old. I was reluctant to “start over” on my career, but I was at the point where I was looking at internships just to get some experience applying the concepts I learned in my Masters program.

A few weeks before the wedding, I stopped applying to jobs because I didn’t want to be dealing with interviews and phone calls on my honeymoon, and I certainly didn’t want to miss out on something that may have presented itself as a possibility. The very last job I applied to before I stopped, contacted me for a phone interview, then an in-person interview about 2 weeks before the wedding.

I ended up getting an offer at 2pm on Wednesday 9/27 – my last day at work before 2 1/2 weeks off….AND I planned to leave at 4pm. Within those 2 hours I negotiated a start date that was 5 weeks in the future, put in my 4.5 week notice (2.5 of those were personal days for the wedding and honeymoon) and told my team.

Then I left, packed for the wedding, and kept forgetting that I got a new job. It was like a brain orgasm (braingasm? is that a thing? do people say that?) every time I remembered.

Today is my last day at the place I’ve been working for over 6 years. It’s not too hard to say goodbye, though. My office has been decimated by budget cuts, bureaucratic pandering. Every director has left in the past 4 months, including my two best work friends. There’s nothing left for me to learn here and a world of things to learn in my new position.  <— That makes it a little scary.  I’m an authority here on a lot of subjects.  For the first time in a looooooong time, I will have NO IDEA what I’m talking about.

ME…for the next few weeks:

beyonce new girl queen bey blue ivy best job



My undergrad graduation was in the TD Garden.  It was soooo cool to be on the “ice” where the Bruins would be playing a game later that night.  In spite of the cool factor, I did not enjoy my undergrad graduation.  I don’t even remember what happened.  That’s because I spent the majority of 2.5 hours, aside from when I was actually walking to get my diploma, texting with my mom.  “Stand up!  We need to find you!  We need a picture!  Stop being whiny, just stand up and wave at us!”  The Garden holds over 17 THOUSAND people.  There was no way she was seeing me or I was seeing her.  But I couldn’t just put my phone down and listen to my (emphasis on MY) commencement speaker, I had to fight back and forth with her for no purpose.

The infighting continued.  We were supposed to meet up afterward for pictures before I went to lunch with my dad.  I’d spent all week entertaining my mom who was in from out of town.  I did not go to any senior week activities just so that I could be with her.  Mainly so that I could have lunch with my dad without her making a stink about it.  No such luck.  As you can imagine, trying to meet up with a tourist in a crowd of 17,000 people proved impossible.  I was screamed at over the phone and finally told, “FINE! GO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DAD!”  That’s her way of telling me to go fuck myself, in case you didn’t catch that.  Needless to say I was alone in a crowd of seventeen thousand people balling my eyes out like a kid who lost their parents in a department store.

So, last year when my mom asked me about my Masters graduation, so that she could fly out for it, I told her I wasn’t going.  Had she not ruined my first one, I probably wouldn’t have gone.  But this was my second chance!!

Unfortunately the graduate students don’t get to go to the Garden.  We graduated in the school’s old hockey arena, Matthews.  And we only got two tickets.  My dad and my fiancé came, after sharing a pitcher (or two?) at the college bar.  That happened while I was standing.  Forever.

I forgot how long it takes thousands of people to line up by college, then in alphabetical order.  We were standing for over an hour.

Then there was the commencement speaker.  Not only was he kind of boring, it was really hard to understand what he was saying.  The old arena’s acoustics are not for the faint of hearing.

Despite being boring and long, was it worth it?  Yes.  I got to notice that it was boring and long.  I got to appreciate it.  And I got to smile when I accepted my diploma.  Smile for the pictures that Northeastern will sell me for $5000 or some such.

This time I DID stand up and smile!

The arena doesn’t allow backpacks, so instead of his fancy DSLR (?) camera, the FH (remember? that’s Future Husband) had to use my shitty Canon. That’s a very blurry picture of me walking with my diploma.

Here it is! 1 year of studying for the GREs + 3 prerequisite math courses in 3 months + 4 semesters of full time coursework = 1 Masters of Science in Operations Research degree

Friday was also perfect because I went out and drank way more than I should (10ish drinks?), ate blue cheese macaroni and cheese and fried chicken, and somehow did not have a hangover!  It’s a graduation miracle!


FH got me a gift. It’s a “Masters” jacket. Yeah, that’s a golf thing (golf is abhorrent, but the gift was cute).





Five Thing Friday

  1. I just finished up all my classes, all the extra work outside of work.  AND I’m already thinking about what I can learn next.  I have approximately a million books to read on my Kindle and I’m only 50% done with Anna Karenina, so there’s that.  BUT, I realized I don’t know enough about Greek Mythology.  It’s SOOOOOO interesting and I want to learn more.  It will help me follow more of the story lines on Orphan Black.  LOL
  2. Don’t you hate it when you go pee in a public restroom and something smells funny. You look around like, “What is that smell? Where is it coming from?” Then you realize that you ate asparagus at lunch.
  3. I’ve been continuing my quest to cook as much as possible.  Last Saturday I spent all day making Taco Cornbread Casserole, Cherry Cola Cake, and Tomatoes with Buttermilk Vinaigrette.  Everything was DELICIOUS.  I used Cherry Dr. Pepper in the cake, because I don’t like cola and I had to buy a 2 liter, so I didn’t want a ton of extra coke lying around.  I also couldn’t find pomegranate cherry juice concentrate, so I put in a couple tablespoons of Pom Blueberry juice in the frosting = soooo good.  The tomatoes tasting good, but I could have gotten almost the same effect with tomatoes and salad dressing, all for much less $$ and work.  All of these were extremely calorie dense (except for the tomatoes, obviously), so MyFitnessPal is a little perturbed with me.  From now on, going through the Taste of Home recipes, I’m not going to make desserts unless there’s an occasion.

    Taco Cornbread Casserole – I really should have realized that something with 2 C of Fritos wasn’t healthy, but I have this mindset that homecooking is always better for me. Welp, sometimes it isn’t.


    Cherry Cola Cake, in the fridge, with a backdrop of a variety of beverages


  4. Since I’m running again, I got out all my exercise clothes and found these shorts with tags still on them.  They’re Reebok spandex shorts that I found at TJMaxx for $12 a few months ago.  They are my new favorite thing to run in.  Short shorts results in chafed thighs.  I have no thigh gap (nor do I want one, to be honest), therefore, long runs result in bruises between my legs (I’ll forgo making a dirty joke here – that would be in poor taste).  Here are the magical shorts that keep me cool and bruise/chafing free!
  5. AND….DRUM ROLL PLEASE….I’M GRADUATING TODAY!!!!!!Image result for keep calm lets party

Hello there, stranger!

HI!  I’ve come back to life!  While I’ve been completely ignoring my regular blog schedule, it seems like Tuesdays have become random life updates.  That’s cool.  I feel like we haven’t spoken in awhile, so I’d like to catch up!

I handed in my last homework EVER last night!  It all won’t be official until graduation on May 8th, but I’m fairly certain I’ve gotten the required C in Optimization and Complexity and I know for sure I have an A+ (except they don’t actually give A+ – it’s just an A, even though it is a 99.8) in Lean Concepts.  So, fuck yes, I’m done being a full time student in addition to my regular job.

Whatever will I do with my time?!

I did go into Portland last weekend and I did cough the whole time and keep all of my friends awake at 1:30AM with a coughing fit.

Needless to say, I finally went to the doctor yesterday after a solid 10 days of being sick.  I met with the weirdest doctor.  She gave me antibiotics to basically treat it as a bacterial sinus infection, “Hmm, let’s see, penicillin…hmmm…OH  Amoxicillin!  I like Amoxicillin for sinuses, I do!  Let’s give you Amoxicillin!”  Then, “I’m giving you antibiotics.  I could treat it as bronchitis and give you inhalers.  Those would work..ohhh would they work!  BUT!  Inhalers are really expensive, so I’m going to start with antibiotics.  Even though the inhalers would work, oh would they!”  She was sooooo strange and very prescription happy.  I got a full night’s sleep last night and am starting to feel better!

Can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow!!