Five Thing Friday – Waste of Money

5 Things I’ve Spent a Stupid Amount of Money On Recently…

  1. Small Berry Tray with Fruit Dip ($9.99) – I wanted a snack.  Specifically, a healthy snack.  Did I want a healthy snack that cost $10?  Sure!  Why not?!  This was a tray with blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries with a little container of cream cheese dip.  It was delicious and it did last 2 days.  BUT, I should have bought the separate ingredients.  It would have cost more, but it would have lasted all week.
  2. Dad’s Birthday Gift ($100) – My dad hates his birthday.  He will never give me a list and perpetually doesn’t want anything.  I decided to make a “getting older kit” with old people vitamins, Aspercreme, reading glasses…crap like that.  A drug store gift, essentially.  Never in my right mind did I think it would all add up to $100!  This one was worth it because it’s all stuff he’ll use, but he was less than impressed with the wrinkle cream…
  3. New sweater and pants from Old Navy ($60) – I ordered these items because I couldn’t figure out what to wear for engagement pictures and decided I needed new clothes.  After I placed the order, I picked out 2 outfits of the multitude of clothes I already have and tried to cancel my order, but it was too late.  Then I got the stuff and I kept it because I like it (hello green and navy plaid pants!), but really?  I didn’t need it!
  4. UnderArmour Running Tights ($27) – So FH got some $10 off UA stuff promo gift card and gave it to me.  I saw these tights on sale for $37, thought it was a great deal and clicked order as quickly as possible.  The problems with this are… A. The tights were originally $50, so $37 wasn’t even a great deal, B. Running pants at TJMaxx are $25 or less, C. These are the most basic ones ever and have no reflective stripes…not good for black pants in the winter when I never see the sun.  But at least I can feel like a badass athlete in name brand gear?
  5. 10 Year High School Reunion ($50 for 2 tickets) – Why did I do this??  Why?!?!? There were “light hor d’oeuvres” included.  No drinks.  And we did not eat $25 worth of goddamn cheese and crackers.  I also only talked to the 2 people I already talk to.  That is the last reunion I will ever go to.

Five Thing Friday

  1. House Update: WE CLOSE NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!  Woohoo!!!  Wrote our last rent check ever this week.  My life and free time is about to be turned upside down.  Painting, fixing, buying, packing, moving…all with a vacation sandwiched in the middle.  Holy cow.
  2. At work, we’re really starting to focus on unconscious bias and education about racism.  It’s been disheartening and fascinating and educational and painful.  I thought I would share some sources:
    1. TED Talk – Allegories on Race & Racism – 20 minutes –
    2. What is Privilege? – 4 minutes –
    3. Unconscious Bias tests (what are your unconscious biases?  becoming conscious of them is half the battle) –
  3. Less heavy topic at work, BURRITO BOATS!  These are the best tortillas I’ve ever had!wpid-img_20150723_120000_852.jpg
  4. I met up with a high school friend last night who I haven’t seen in a few years (even though we only live a few towns apart!).  It was as if no time had passed.  I drank this delicious IPA (not very grapefruit-y, but good nonetheless):


    neither this, nor the burrito bowl, was good for my calorie goals…

  5. One of our topics of conversation was running.  She ran her first half last year and is signing up for 1 or 2 in October.  Long story short, I think I may be signing up for the Baystate Half Marathon.  More to come!

Five Thing Friday

I’ve been in a really pissed off mood this week, or the world has been exceptionally annoying. Either way, here are 5 things that were annoying this week:

  1. I get to work Monday morning.  Coworker asks how my weekend was.  I say, “Eh, it was fine – nothing special.”  Coworker replies, “Are you tired?  You look really tired!”  I wasn’t tired.  Had a good night’s sleep, actually.  How do you respond to that?!frustrated animated GIF
  2. Dude on the bus Monday morning is wearing a scarf.  It’s already 75 degrees outside.  He’s also carrying a book by Chaucer.  Seriously, dude?  If people used ‘basic bitch’ to describe guys, you are the definition.
  3. I started a wedding registry on Zola.  They sent me survey to fill out.  Being the good, formerly-majored-in-marketing person that I am, I fill it out.  Then I discover their age brackets are 5 shades of fucked up.  I’m usually in the first 1 or 2 brackets, not the middle.  Assholes.zola(yes, I understand that is probably the accurate distribution for people getting married.  what the fuck ever)
  4. Tuesday night I get home from work at 5:30 and there is a party bumpin upstairs.  I’m on the first floor, and a group of young guys moved in upstairs, the only other unit in the building.  I’m trying to listen to music while I cook dinner and I can barely hear it.  Who the fuck has a party on a Tuesday night??  Around 9pm, since I’m trying to get 8 hours of sleep each night, I ring their doorbell over 5 times.  They come down.  I say, “You need to quiet down.”  They look at me like I have 5 heads and proceed to tell me that a “greeting would be nice” and they apologize for the noise, but they really want to be peaceful and have nice neighbors.  I say something along the lines of, that’s great and all, but I can’t even hear my TV – the music, the yelling, all of it needs to be quieter.  They proceed to argue that I need to be nicer, so I just walk back into my apartment and lock the door.  Go fuck yourselves.  That was me being nice and peaceful.  Calling the cops would have been me being mean.  Also, you want peaceful?  Ask your neighbors before you have a fucking party on a Tuesday.
    emma stone animated GIF
  5. SO, I almost made it Wednesday to Friday without anything more annoying to write about.  Then, I grabbed the free Metro newspaper at the subway station on my way in, like I do every morning.  Fold it to the crossword section and realize that it’s the same crossword puzzle as yesterday.  Apparently, Thursday’s newspaper was the Weekend Edition.  It is meant to suffice for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I know I shouldn’t complain about a free newspaper, but that’s bullshit.

Weird Dreams

I used to never remember my dreams as a kid and still rarely do to this day. For whatever reason, this week I’ve had two weird ones that I actually remember and they were both blog related.

  1. I wrote something in my blog about the NFL and Roger Goodell started following me (he’s the limp dick asshole commissioner of the league).  Even though I hate his power-hungry, wishy-washy guts, I was geeking out with excitement that someone so famous was following me.  And then I was mad at myself for being excited, because he sucks.
  2. On Monday I posted that Ipsy review that included pictures of me wearing make up.  I have a zit in my eyebrow (one of the most annoying places to get a zit because it’s hard to pop through all that hair; but it is camouflaged).  I dreamt that my dad’s fiancee told me that I better fix it.  She was laughing and making fun of me for posting a picture of myself with acne.  I was getting annoyed and flustered and kept defending myself for “being real with my readers” like it’s a tough cross to bear.  It was rather silly.