Five Thing Friday 4/29

  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with the songs “Love Yourself” and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. I also have a completely healthy, rational hatred for Justin Bieber. I feel like my soul is deserting me every time I sing along wholeheartedly to his songs. But I just can’t help myself. To this end, I’ve been listening to AMP radio nonstop at work, and now know a whole host of super annoying songs. Oi vey. I don’t know who I am anymore.
  2. Tracking calories is hard.  It’s even harder when someone else is doing the cooking.  FH cooked 4 nights this week, for which I am totally grateful and everything was delicious.  BUT, he made vietnamese pork belly for 2 nights and then bacon lasagna for 2 nights.  Ummm, yeah, not so great with weight loss goals.  I have to starve myself all day just to be able to eat dinner.
  3. I bought new running shoes!  And I actually like them!  Yay!  Here are my Brooks Ravenna kicks: I got them at DSW for $70.  I had to try them on in stores because the website said I needed a size 8.5 and I know running shoes are supposed to be bigger, but too big and you get blisters from all the moving around.  When I tried them on, the size 8 was perfect, plenty of room to wiggle my toes, but fit the rest of my food comfortably snug.  I’ve run in them once so far and the feel springy and light (only 8.8 oz!), but still really supportive.
  4. Also while I was at DSW, there was an older woman looking for support sneakers.  The salesperson pointed to the entire row of Asics and said, “These are all support shoes, doctor recommended.”  She proceeded to say that the variations between all the different versions were mostly just the different colors.  Ummm…NO.  I know from my own injuries in accidentally buying a Neutral Asics shoe, instead of a Support version, that THEY ARE NOT ALL SUPPORT SHOES.  Fucking idiot.
  5. I forgot to put on my FitBit after a shower last week, and I haven’t put it on since.  My wrist feels totally naked and I remembered that I have a birthmark on my wrist which I haven’t seen in years.  I don’t feel a sense of freedom that I thought I would, not being beholden to the step count, but it also wasn’t influencing my behavior.  If I ran, I made it to 10K steps.  If I didn’t run that day, I was probably under my goal.  Since I already track my running, that’s a pretty good barometer.  It really wasn’t making me walk any more.  I do feel like walking doesn’t “count” anymore, though.

Five Thing Friday

  1. I haven’t been tearing through the Taste of Home recipe mags like I planned, but I have been cooking a decent amount.  Last week, we made it through 6 dinners with a combo of steak, arugula, eggs, ham, english muffins frozen veggies and cheese.  It was thrifty, delicious, and creative.  This week, since I had to buy all those expensive weird oils and shit for the clean eating challenge, I made this pasta and peanut sauce dish because I had all the ingredients for the sauce: Rainbow Peanut Noodles.  It was featured in a list of rainbow recipes on Buzzfeed to celebrate PRIDE.  Health, taste, equality and looks:

    this is veggies pre-noodle and sauce addition

  2. Since I despise my Brooks motion control sneakers for being too hard and heavy and hideous (the 3 H’s?), I’ve been checking out other stability/motion control shoes and I’m lusting after these Saucony Hurricane sneakers, but can’t really afford the $150 right now.  Trying to hold out until my birthday.  In October.  Okay, we all know that’s not going to last.  I also haven’t even tried them on, so maybe I should at least hold out for that…but they’re sooo pretty! 
  3. I settled on our wedding colors.  It looks like a shit ton and every wedding guru says 6 colors is too many, but hear me out.  The decorations will be mostly cream and blush with hints of sage and blue and silver.  The guys’ suits will be grey and their ties, etc. will probably be blue and sage patterned.  I’ll be in blue and the bridesmaids will be in plain ivory or ivory with a floral pattern (incorporating blush, green and blue).  I swear it works.  In my head, at least?

    colors on paint chips

    essentially a print out of my Stationary pinterest board…I was prioritizing. unfortunately, FH didn’t like the lovebirds at the top. but he helps make decisions.

  4. I was at Target shopping for essentials a few weeks ago and was feeling the bug to buy something “small” for myself.  That usually means nail polish, though the price tags are not really small and a have a bajillion nail polishes already.  Instead, I picked up this little face mask packet for $3: Dead Sea Essentials by AHAVA – Soothing Chamomile Mud Mask.  It’s awesome!  It goes on so easily that there’s at least 4 uses in this packet and it makes my skin feel super clean and smooth.  The only complaint is that you can keep using the one package so long that the product dries and closes the opening.  Oh well.  I could buy the full size for $15, but that would definitely get added to the collection of half full face and hair products that I ignore in favor of new, exciting ones like this little size.
  5. I have been obsessed with The Bachelorette lately.  My guiltiest of pleasures.  I’m all for good sex and one night stands but Kaitlyn should NOT have slept with Nick.  Not because sleeping with somebody before marriage is wrong (seriously, people, stop the slut shaming), but because she’s dating like 15 other guys with the understanding that no one’s sleeping with anyone until the Fantasy Suite.  It is wrong to date someone under false pretenses.  Despite my own feelings toward it, it was annoying when Kaitlyn said she felt bad and ashamed and Chris Harrison replied, “Good.”  STFU Chris Harrison.Besides that…I’ve been Team Shawn all the way…bachelorette animated GIF but he really needs to stop being such a drama queen and just go back to being adorable…wink animated GIF

Five Thing Friday

  1. Apparently Bristol Palin is pregnant again.  So….teaching abstinence doesn’t work?….anyone surprised?  I can’t wait to have a kid and teach them that sex is okay, as long as both parties are okay with it and whatnot, basically the Miley Cyrus approach.
  2. I got my nails done last week for the first time in over a year.  It was so much more expensive than I remember.  $35 for a mani/pedi + $10 to make it french + tip = $55.  I could never afford that all the time, but my nails look sooooo nice….(that’s the sound of me whining…1st world problems)
  3. Today, I’m obsessed with my white Bermuda shorts from Target!  Something about white pants makes everybody’s ass look amazing.  I couldn’t quite capture it properly, but here they are, and here’s where you can buy them (only $20!).
  4. I’ve finally come to accept the fact that Asics just don’t work for me anymore.  They are what I started with and they didn’t give me problems until I accidentally bought the wrong ones.  But, now I have the correct ones and they’re gorgeous highlighter yellow, but they’re not doing a body good.  I get weird knee pain, my normal tendon pain, toe pain – nothing drastic, but enough to make me scared to run in them, again.  It’s weird because it’s not that I need the motion control level – my Mizuno’s don’t cause these problems and they are similar stability to the Asics.  I think the brand just does not fit my feet anymore.  😦  Now, I need to try new things, but that gets expensive.  Oi.
  5. Every time I shave my legs in my bathtub now, I freak out about only having a shower stall.  UGH.  Google tells me I’m not the only one to have to this issue – search results.  Advice ranges from shave in the sink to buy a suction cup pedestal (that won’t suction because we have tiny tiles and I can visualize it falling down with my foot on it and me cracking my head open…) to remodel the bathroom.  Double UGH.  I did find this pedestal that actually sticks and seals to the shower, so that’s less of a death threat.  Triple UGH.

EDITED TO ADD: SCOTUS Rules.  This will be part of my wedding ceremony script.  I’m crying tears of joy.  I can’t quite explain.  This is so amazing: “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family.  In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”

Ugly Ass Shoes and Cold Weather Gear

First things first, I got new shoes.  Not usually a story-worthy event, but as any runner knows, shoes can be a big fuckin deal.  Lately I’ve been running in my Mizuno‘s with Dr. Scholl’s inserts.  Running with inserts changes the feel and fit of your shoe, so I decided to take my physical therapist’s advice and get motion control shoes.  The most stability money can buy.

Marathon Sports is an amazing store.  It is located at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  The salesperson (they’re so good I refuse to call them salespeople) running expert watched me walk and was reluctant to go full motion control, since they’re just not great for running.  Without getting into an argument about minimalist shoes, flexible, light weight shoes are better for racers.  I’m not a racer.  I’m a perennially injured attempt-er.  Nonetheless, she started with a more stable stability shoe and watched me run, saw my ankle be all wonky, and moved up to motion control shoes.  She also checked the fit and made me go up another half size.

I really hate my toes having all this room to move around.  I tend to curl them and tap them and stuff if they have the room…while I’m running.  I like my sneakers to be tighter than that.  But I’m no expert and listening to one can’t do any more damage than I’ve done, so 8 1/2 it is.

After my jogs around the store and a brisk jog outside in my Ann Taylor work dress, I settled on Brooks Addiction.  They’re hideous.  They look like grandma shoes.  I could fit 3 orthotic inserts in these.  Yet, she tells me they fit and my ankles don’t do wonky things when I run in them, so here I am, $119 later, with the ugliest shoes ever: 

To counteract the swampdonkey of running shoes, I went shopping for apparel.  One of the biggest things I missed about running was running clothes. They’re made from the coolest fabrics. They’re super comfortable. I look amazing in them and I feel like a badass.

Here’s my look from 6AM this morning when it was a brisk 21°F outside and pitch black.  I used to be really in tune with what I should wear in all types of weather and now, I have to consult with Runner’s World what to wear tool.  It’s especially difficult in the cold because I’m supposed to be walking 4 minutes to every 2 minutes of running.  21° is way too cold to be walking in running tights and a sweatshirt.


  • Nike Thermafit Headband ($18) – not exactly the one I’m wearing, but close.  Mine’s not reversible 😦 but it keeps my ears warm and all my short hairs out of my face.
  • Under Armour running gloves (~$30) – another thing that doesn’t exist any more.  Mine are starting to rip and I don’t really like any of the one’s UA carries now (see here).
  • L.L. Bean Trail Tech Quarter Zip in Brilliant Blue ($40) – Christmas present from the (not quite yet) in-laws
  • Salomon long sleeve shirt – They don’t have the exact one anymore.  It’s kind of like THIS ONE without the zipper.
  • The PANTS!  My favorite part of this whole outfit!  I got them at TJMaxx yesterday for $17.  They are soft, warm, comfortable, and have an awesome pattern!  They even have a tiny key pocket (although, so do my gloves, phone case, and sweatshirt).  I also got a really nice Reebok running hoodie for $20 that they don’t seem to have on their website.

Another look at the pants and hideous shoes…