2017 Resolutions

Last year, I made one resolution – to get in shape.  Frankly, I think I’m in the same shape I was last year.  Yes, I made some small improvements in time for the wedding in October.  Tracked my calories and exercised regularly for ~9 months, but I got so overwhelmed by the rigidity that, after the wedding, I haven’t looked at calories or said no to anything since.  I need to find my happy medium.

This year, I’m making 12 goals – one for each month.  I think it’ll be a fun way to keep my resolutions top of mind, since they’ll change every 4 weeks and it’s a way to incorporate alllll of the things I want to improve on!

  • January: Drink 3 bottles of water every day, no cappuccinos
  • February: No alcohol on weeknights
  • March: Run 50 miles in the month
  • April: Go to sleep by 9:30PM Sunday through Thursday
  • May: Don’t buy anything for yourself (no clothes, makeup, etc.) – necessities only
  • June: Go to sleep by 9pm Sunday through Thursday
  • July: Run 100 miles in the month
  • August: No desserts or breakfasts that could pass for desserts
  • September: Run a marathon
  • October: Yoga 3 times per week
  • November: Make a pie from scratch (including the crust!) for Thanksgiving.
  • December: Make cookies for everyone on my list



Sunday Runday 10/23

I promise at some point I will tell you all about my wedding and honeymoon, but I still haven’t unpacked from either, yet, so the focus is on training for this half without injuring myself.


  • Run 2x: 3 miles on Thursday, 6 miles on Saturday X
    • After this week, I should be up to 3-4 runs per week, following this training plan:
      • 5 – 2 – 4 – 9 miles
      • 5 – 3 – 10 miles
      • 4 – 3 – 2 – 13.1!
    • So, yup, I’m training for a half in 3 weeks.  This does not seem wise.  This seems like a recipe for injury.  Mark my words.
  • PT every day X
  • Yoga on days I don’t run X


  • Thursday 10/20 – 3.2 miles @ 10:49 pace – My first real run since before the wedding.  In some respects, it felt way better than I imagined.  In others, I have pains I’ve never had before.  Soles of feet, shins, ankles, knees…good times.
  • Friday 10/21 – PT
  • Saturday 10/22 – PT


Seriously…find time to run.  I’ve been sick, which has made getting extra sleep in the morning a “necessity” (and was it really?  maybe, maybe not.  I stayed out til 2:30AM on Saturday for a friends birthday, so maybe it’s not me being sick).

You’ll probably notice I don’t have any calorie goals here.  I haven’t counted calories in almost a month, and it’s amazing.  I think I’ve gained 5 pounds, and will probably want to start tracking that, again, but for now (at least until we’ve eaten all the Belgian chocolate we brought back) I’m just gonna eat.



Sunday Runday 10/16

You’ll notice this spans a couple weeks, but doesn’t have much on it…that’s because I got married!  And went on a 2 week honeymoon!!  Which were both way more important than exercising and eating healthy.



  • Monday 9/26 – Banish Back Fat
  • Tuesday 9/27 – Toned Arms+ PT
    17 Free Weight Exercises card
  • Wednesday 9/28 – PT – Still having some tendon pain when I walk in certain shoes, but in heels it’s fine, which works well for the wedding.  Haha.
  • Thursday 9/29 – PT – Ummm holy shit … 2 days to my wedding.  I don’t even know if the rest of this post will get finished.  It’s pretty safe to day I didn’t do any exercise except dancing and…. 😉 for the rest of the week.****10/1 – 3 hours of non-stop dancing!
  • Thursday 10/6 – 2.4 miles @ 13:00 pace – My one run in the Canary Islands. Something is better than nothing!****10/8 – Riding camels!  (okay, totally not exercise)
    ****10/10 – WATER PARK!…that’s like, a lot of walking
  • Friday 10/7 – PT
  • Wednesday 10/12 – 3.7 miles @ 10:49 pace – These numbers are total estimates because the distance button was broken on the one treadmill at our hotel in Brussels (I know, #firstworldproblems).  All I really know is that I ran for 40 minutes, mostly between 9-10 km/hr, with some walk breaks.****10/13 – 2 hour walking tour of Brussels
    ****10/16 – Lots of walking around Bruges
    ****10/16 – Dancing and walkign to 6 different pubs in Amsterdam


…start training for that half marathon in 24 days…


Sunday Runday 9/25


  • Run 3x 
    • Mileage = 15.6 miles
  • PT 2x 
  • Workout 2x 
  • Yoga 1x
  • Average 1350 calories/day X
    • 1555 calories <– Not so bad, especially given my devil-may-care, my wedding is in 6 fucking days, I’m eating whatever I want attitude.


  • Tuesday 9/20 – Yoga + PT – I slept too late to run (no excuse, I know), so I did some yoga and holy hell (per usual) I should always be doing yoga.
  • Wednesday 9/21 –Yoga + 2.2 miles @ 11:50 pace – Not a huge fan of that yoga video.  It moved too fast and didn’t explain things.  I think I like ones targeted to runners better.  Today was my first run with Runkeeper.  It’ll take a little getting used to, but so far so good.
  • Thursday 9/22 – Yoga + 5K – I’ve never tried to meet a pace goal, besides ‘slow’ or ‘fast’.  This is my last 5K of this race series and, even though I’m feeling more beat up than I have all summer, I want to close it out with a PR.  So, I set RunKeeper to update me every 0.25 miles because I’m terrible at pacing myself.  My PR pace was 8:53 min/mile, so my goal was 8:50 or less.  The only thing that fucked that up was that I started RunKeeper about a minute before we crossed the start line because the announcer kept talking.  Then my first .25 mi was somewhere around a 12 minute pace.  By the time I finished my first mile I got it down to under 8:50, but that means I was running much faster than I should have been.  My splits ended up looking like 7-8-9, buuuuuttt….
    ….I PR’D!!!  26:11!  8:26 minutes/mile — That’s OVER a minute off my time!
  • Friday 9/23 – Toned Arms
  • Sunday 9/25 – 10.26 miles @ 11:19 pace + PT – Hell yeah I did 10 miles!  My hip is all wonky and my feet are killing me, but I did 10 miles.  That pace puts me around a 2:30 half marathon, which is fine, but I’d like to get closer to a 2:15.

    Oh yeah, did I mention?  I signed up for a half!  The Cambridge Half Marathon!  And, lucky me (* sarcasm *), it’s just a few weeks after I get back from my honeymoon.  So that should work out well HAH.  I just can’t believe that I’m now the kind of person who can sign up for a half with only 8 weeks to train, and 3 of those weeks being a vacation.  I think I’m a runner, now? lol



  • Monday – Bootcamp
  • Tuesday – PT + Yoga
  • Wednesday – Run
  • Thursday – Arm Workout