Makeup Monday: PLAY! by Sephora – Effortless Summer

My last Play! box – whomp whomp.  Since I’m trying to save money, I figured I should stop automatically spending it.

  1. |★★★★★| Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer ($30) – I thought this was going to be way too dark, but I was pleasantly surprised, both with the hue and the smell.  It literally smells like a dusted cocoa powder all over my face.
  2. |★★★★☆| blotterazzi by beautyblender ($20) – This is basically a flat beauty blender meant to sop up oil.  It’s a interesting concept and it seems to work, but it’s not quite as satisfying as seeing all the oil on regular blotting papers.
  3. |★☆☆☆☆| Oaui Wave Spray ($26) – No.  Just no.  Big frizzy hair.  Picture evidence below.  It also smells like perfume.  I left one star here because my hair generally doesn’t work will with these types of products, so maybe…just maybe…it’s my hair.
  4. |★★★☆☆| Citrine by NEST perfume ($68) – A nice floral scent that smells like actual flowers in nature and not like chemical-y perfume.
  5. |★★★★★| Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay by First Aid Beauty ($24) – LOVE this.  It smells like a spa in Arizona – earthy and clean.  It’s a red liquid, but not thick like I assumed.  The clay is suspended within it.  It leaves my face really clean, no oil or shine, but not stripped, either.
  6. |★★★☆☆| Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer by Smashbox ($39) – Smashbox’s regular primer is my favorite – better than NYX and CoverFX.  This pore minimizing one is basically a more expensive version of the NYX one I have.  It’s a paste meant to fill in pores, but I don’t really notice my pores too much.  I also don’t use enough foundation to really warrant spending money on a primer.

Pictured Here is the Oaui wave spray and the Too Faced bronzer


FAB Face Cleanser and Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

IMG_0532Next up on the sample docket is First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser ($20) – “Remove surface oils, make-up, dirt and grime.” First of all, this sample was only big enough to 2 uses, whereas I got 4 uses out of the Tata Harper one…lame. Second of all, I didn’t like it. It was very creamy and definitely removed surface oils and make up. However, it never felt like it really cleaned my skin, just sort of wiped off whatever was on top of it. Maybe because it was too creamy? I don’t know, but I would not use it again.

After that I tried Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($38), which promises to gently cleanse, remove “all traces of makeup (even mascara!),” and hydrates and soothes.  It certainly smells much nicer than the FAB cleanser; like fresh cucumbers and maybe wheatgrass.  I think I just made that part up because I’m not sure I’ve ever smelled wheatgrass.  Anyway.  It’s decent.  Smells nice and washes my face.  None of these have really targeted acne at all, so I don’t expect them to help with that and, just to confirm, this one is not helping with that, but I still like it.

I didn’t realize how much I like the smell of fresh, natural products (both the Tata Harper and the Fresh cleanser).  This was especially surprising because I usually use 10% benzoyl peroxide (a dermatologist recommended for me), which in no way, shape or form is natural smelling or looking. I’m going to try to find a benzoyl peroxide topical cream that works okay under makeup (my current one flakes), so that I can use nice smelling cleanser!