Five Thing Friday

A few blogs I read do a 15 thing Friday. I’m not that ambitions, so we’re going with 5.

  1. Happy Halloween! I’ll be dressing up as Puss in Boots to accompany my boyfriend in a donkey costume. It’s a pretty simple (lame) costume.
  2. Part of the reason I went super easy this year is that I have a live webinar to watch for my Data Management and Database Design class from 6 -8pm.  The Halloween party I’m attending starts at 8pm, so I’ll be fashionably late.
  3. I’ve had a draft saved for awhile on the topic of still smoking after I “quit” two years ago.  But I’m not ready to talk about it.  She says as she buys a pack of cigarettes for the aforementioned party.
  4. I think everyone in Boston has a love/hate relationship with the MBTA.  On one hand, it costs about 1/5th (or less) of what it would cost me to have a car and it gets me to 95% of the places I need to go.  On the other hand, there are mornings like today.  I was running too late and missed my 7:17am bus, so I planned on getting the 7:37am bus.  That bus actually came at 7:50am.  Then, I knew I was out of luck, the day the suuubwaaaay died.
  5. I’m rocking my inner Blair Waldorf today.  Yeah, I’m just referencing the headband, which you can barely see.  Also rocking Clinique’s ubiquitous Black Honey on my lips (you can’t see, but it matches my pants!).  I’ll end up with a headache and a ponytail by the end of the day, but it’s working for now!



Now I’ve got Mascara Monday, which will turn into Makeup Monday once I run out of mascaras, and Five Thing Friday.  I was thinking of Struggle Sunday, but since Sunday is really a struggle, I don’t want to paint myself into a corner.  Maybe Workout Wednesday?

Did I just make this 6 things?  Whoops. Should I just go for 15?  Not today, but maybe.