New York Christmas Recap

This year, I get 3 Christmases!  Actually, every year I get 3 Christmases haha.  The first one was last week, on actual Christmas, with the future-in-laws.  I realized that I never do weekend recaps, but I love reading them when other bloggers do, so I should at least do travel recaps.

We were on Long Island from Thursday through Monday…with the dog.  They also have a dog named Casey who is about the same age and SUPER hyper.  He’s a lab, boxer, Australian shepherd mix.  Super cute and gangly, but relentless and jumpy, too.  He wanted to play fight the whole time and Reba wouldn’t engage until she got really fed up and would snap back.  Luckily the weather was nice and they have a fenced in backyard, so we let them duke it out (no, they weren’t really fighting or baring teeth or anything) outside.

Inside, there are approximately 15 picture frames and knick knacks covering every surface, so…yeah, not puppy play friendly.  It’s also not exactly guest friendly.  We sleep on a pull out couch in the living room.  Between his parents going to bed late and his brother getting up for work at 4am, this was 5 days in a row of very little sleep, which made for a very cranky Briana.  We’re considering a hotel next time.

Onto the holidays.  

In the morning we all opened gifts, which they do very differently than I do.  First they dole out all the gifts, so that everyone has a pile.  Then they go around, in no particular order and open one at a time.  FH tries to delay his turn the whole time so that he’s the last person to open a gift.  I have no idea why…I always wanted to open my gifts as soon as possible.  My favorite was a really soft, warm, plaid flannel shirt from Bass.  So in love.

Christmas dinner is spent with family on his mom’s side in Queens.  At my house, my grandmother cooks the main dishes and my aunt and dad make most of the sides and desserts.  At his family’s house, his aunt cooks EVERYTHING, except for like, 2 appetizers.  It’s unbelievable.  This year it was beef wellington, scalloped potatoes, french onion green beans, pecan sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn, carrots…I know I’m missing something.  Basically, it was like a 5-star, 10-course feast.  My house is also very quick about the holidays.  We all live on the same street, so we can come and go as we please.  We stay for dinner for an hour or two, visit later for dessert, but that’s mostly it.  His family is together for 10+ hours.  This year, though, since the dogs were crated back at the house (and Reba’s not used to being crated at all), we left after about 8 hours.

The dogs did not sleep well, if at all, that night.

The next day, his dad’s family came over for presents and food.  A little Christmas party.  With no pre-planning, we exchanged beer from local breweries (respectively) with his cousin, received some gifts off our wedding registry, and introduced everyone to our dog.  Who, by the way, was a fucking angel.  Seriously, it was nice to have her be the “good” dog for once, and not spitting out an endless stream of apologies.

Sunday was the Patriots @ Jets game.  They play each other twice a year, usually go 1-1, and somehow, 3 years in a row, I find myself in New York with a bunch of fucking Jets fans the time the Pats lose.  UGH.

That, in a nutshell (if you can call this a nutshell) was Christmas #1.  Friday I fly out to Texas for Christmas #2.  Look forward to the recap next week!