Five Thing Friday

  1. I saw hail for the first time in my life a few days ago.  I knew we were supposed to get thunderstorms, so I expected the crazy lightning coming from the window behind my desk at work.  Then I heard what I thought was rain.  Then I realized how loud it was and turned around and it was gigantic hail.  Glad I didn’t get caught in that on my commute (walk) home.
  2. As I was heading to the condo to clean up all our painting stuff, FH calls and asks in a very serious tone if I could pick up paper towels.  I thought he spilled one of the paint trays all over the hardwood floor or something.  Turns out, I had left the windows open (cuz, paint fumes, duh) and the hail storm had created very large puddles.  Oops.  The paint looks awesome, though!

    smoky blue bedroom


    not pictured, the spot behind FH’s head where the frog tape took off some of the base layer paint because it was bubbly or some shit…still gotta touch that up


    goddamn those look good (and NOT like yankees pinstripes….UGH [FH family is from NY, so I’ve heard that once or twice])

  3. When I picked up paper towels, I bought 2 bags of chips.  Couldn’t help myself…these sounded delicious!


    I thought I would like truffle best. Turns out the biscuits and gravy is where it’s at. Salty, gravy-y, peppery. Delicious.

  4. I’m bad at packing light.  I learned yesterday that I own 10 bathing suits.  I only brought 8!  That’s good, right?!

    Clothes, hat, shoes all on the loveseat


    Hair and shower stuff all on the exercise mat…still waiting to pack my make up!

  5. I ran 2 days in a row this week.  Let me tell you why that’s exciting.  The last time I did that was February 16th and then I was limping for a week, didn’t get to ski on our annual ski trip, and found out I had torn a ligament.  That put me on no running for 2 months.  So, running 2 days in a row was a really big deal for me today, and I wore my Half Marathon shirt for the occasion:

    my arms aren’t long enough for selfies


Peace out girl scouts!  I’m on vacation for a week.  I have a few posts scheduled, but I’m not promising much besides that.